My name is Sarah, I am a 28year old German girl who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

I started a blog a few years ago on myblog to keep track of my reviews, wishlist etc. and also because I wanted to share my opinions with other people. I am tired of myblog though and needed a change. That’s why I moved to wordpress – most of my reviews included. I started blogging in German, which is my first language, but as English is the language I am speaking now, I wanted it to be the language of my reviews & impressions as well.

I prefer reading fantasy, it will always be my favourite genre, but I also enjoy reading dystopian tales, as well as thrillers, sifi books and classics.

Some of my favourite authors are:

Steven Erikson
Robin Hobb
Jennifer Fallon
George R. R. Martin
Brandon Sanderson
Stephen King
Patrick Rothfuss
Juliet Marillier

I can’t stand love triangles in books as well as vampire-softie-stuff. That’s why I don’t read romances very often. Or chick-lit, however you call it 🙂

I love all different kinds of movies, TV shows, Animes and Wrestling.