July 20200

Books read: 0

Time spent watching Dragon Gate & NJPW: >100h

Merchandise bought from Japan: T O O M U C H

Games played: Story of Season – Friends of Mineral Town ❀

Corona cases: Too freaking many

Also, it was a very sad month because our beautiful rabbit Floppy died 😦 May she rest in peace!

For my peace of mind and because I am becoming obsessed with other things, I want to start reading again. I am now only working 2 days a week and I really can’t watch wrestling for 5 days. Fortunately there’s always a lot to do on the property and we already have some veg in the ground and the chook shed is all clean and shiny!

I started reading the first Dragonlance book. Like. Whyyyyy did I do that. I don’t even know but it’s exactly what I don’t like. I am confused. Of course I was annoyed by it, even though I gave it a real try, but it just wasn’t for me. The writing was pretty rough and the characters.. oh boy, let’s not even go there.

I also stopped with The Shadow Rising after a little more than 50% cause it pissed me off too much. I leave it open whether I will ever continue with The Wheel of Time. Probably not this year but who knows!

So now I decided to read 3 different books.

  • The Last Emperox / John Scalzi
  • The Obsidian Tower / Melissa Caruso
  • The Queen’s Rising / Rebecca Ross

The first is the last part of the Interdependency Trilogy and I am pretty sure I will enjoy it cause I also liked the previous 2.

The 2nd book is one that was in the last book box I received before I cancelled. I was quite happy with it because it doesn’t look like it’s YA and sounds pretty interesting.

The third is one I randomly found on my Kindle. I didn’t even know why I got it but it’s fun reading and I like the main character so far.

I have switched back to the old editor and will use it as long as it’s possible. I don’t want to think about what will happen after but I pray they will decide to just keep the old editor as an option forever!


  1. Good for you for switching back to the old editor. You should have at least a year. I’m hoping they keep extending that time, but we’ll see. I’m currently writing everything this month in the block editor and I’m already compiling a post for the end of the month where I rant all my complaints. It is just a BAD editor and I don’t know what WP was thinking, sigh.

    I wouldn’t put any pressure on yourself to continue Wheel of Time. If you’re having issues with it, for your own peace of mind, just drop it. You tried it and it isn’t working for you. The reason I’m so “don’t continue, don’t continue” is because I don’t want you to become bitter about it, which can happen to a lot of people when they try to force themselves to read a book/series. It’s just not worth it.

    I know the Dragonlance books were written for middlegrade and teen boys, so I’m not at all surprised you’re having issues with them. After my long foray into the Forgotten Realms books I’ve just come to the conclusion that certain kinds of books aren’t meant for me πŸ˜€

    Glad to hear you’re making a conscious effort to do other things than watch tv. I bet it does help having all that property to keep up with. How are the dogs and what is a chook shed?


  2. So sorry about Floppy.
    And I so understand about giving up on WOT. I’m supposed to start Lord of Chaos next so will see if I can make it through it. I’m listening to podcast “Everybody Hates Rand” between reading the book, so that helps. They critique and make fun of almost all the things that annoy me. Makes it fun.


  3. Sorry to hear about Floppy! 😦

    I remember reading some of the Dragonlance books back in the day, and while I liked them at the time, there’s no way I’ll ever be going back and trying them again. There are much better books out there now. I knew when I read them that they weren’t that great, but (whether true or not) it felt like I didn’t have as many options back then. I hope you enjoy the Scalzi! I really need to start that trilogy. I’ve been looking forward to it for ages.


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