oh wow, a post and this new editor still sucks

Hello. My name is DZ and I am a book blogger who hasn’t posted any new content in almost a month.

I also haven’t read a book in a while. Just a chapter here and there, 2 small German novels, but that’s it.

I think I know why though.

  1. I had reading burn out, if that exists! I read soo much in the first 5 months this year and almost didn’t do anything else hobby-wise. I enjoyed it and the books I picked were mostly great but I think I just needed to do something different. That’s just me!
  2. I picked up a new wrestling promotion in the middle of lockdown when there was no new content and it was love at first sight between Dragon Gate and myself! I binge-watched SO many events and now that they’re back to doing live shows, I’m busy with them and NJPW in the evenings^^ And loving it.
  3. I just don’t like my current book ‘The Shadow Rising’ and might be done again with ‘The Wheel of Time’.

I also didn’t blog cause I didn’t want to deal with this new editor. I still don’t so this post will probably look very messy but I don’t have the motivation to look into it right now. I will though as it’s coming for all of us anyways.. Boo… I might still decide to drop this and just move to twitter to do book tweets only.. who knows. I will give this here a chance first.

I will take it easy. My state is back in lockdown stage 3 cause we weren’t careful enough and went back to normal life to quickly after a month with low case numbers and days with 0 new cases. Now we’re back to 165 or so a day and most of them not traceable. Be warned, the 2nd wave is coming. All other Australian states will learn from us and already closed their borders.

Stay safe everyone! I hope I will be more active again, I miss blogging


  1. I’m struggling to find the time to read and review lately too, and it makes me sad. I do suggest you give up on the Wheel of Time though. If you haven’t gotten into it now, you never will. It doesn’t get better.

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  2. Ugh, so sorry you’re also having issues with rushing to reopen and ending up with lots more cases. I was hoping the rest of the world was being more sensible than the US, but I guess there is a mix everywhere. At least it sounds like Australia is taking it more seriously than the US. Sometimes I just want to smack people around. 😦

    I hope you find books to enjoy soon! I know it’s not always the easiest thing to give up on a book/series, but if it’s not working for you that might be the right thing to do.

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  3. I do believe you can switch back to the classic editor if you want. Because you are correct, this block editor is an abomination and it wasn’t made with bloggers, who actually write, in mind. As much as I’d be sad to see you go, I can completely sympathize 😦

    However, I can not sympathize with your WoT problems. I just finished up Book 5 (Fires of Heaven) and I thought it was the best book so far. So I’m still loving the series to death. I think I’d concur with Alburke, if you’re not loving it now, you won’t be loving it later.

    Covid here is here to stay and people need to realize that. Of course, I suspect how I react to my own statement is very different from others, but still, people can’t pretend it won’t come back.

    If you do go away from blogging, would you let us know so we don’t think you might come back at some point?

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    1. If I ever decide to stop blogging I would make an announcement for sure! But I hope I get my motivation back 🙂 i dropped the Wheel for now an am reading some SciFi that’s more fun 🙂

      I just deal with the new editor now as everything will be changed to it eventually anyways 😦

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  4. So sorry your reading slump is still going. Maybe Shadow Rising is to blame. It’s a chunker and those Perrin chapters are BEYOND boring and so too some of Rand’s (and Elayne’s and some others). The audio book helped me to get through it, if you want to try that, but don’t force yourself. I hope the reading and blogging comes back to you.
    I’m trying to hold out on having to switch to the new editor for as long as possible.
    Stay safe out there.

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  5. I am in your boat regarding burn out. After two months of being back at the zoo and having to deal with people, i kinda wish it was earlier this year again where I was forced to stay at home… I am struggling this month. On top of that I have just learned that my contract at the zoo has only been extended for 6 months… Thanks to fucking covid and global uncertainty.


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