Top Ten Tuesday: My Winter TBR


Those topics are always my favourite! Looking back at my Fall TBR – I actually read 6 of the 8 books I named, not bad at all!

Here are the books I want to read this Winter:

The Last Emperox / John Scalzi

last emperox

 Next in line! I’m excited to finish the trilogy!!

The Obsidian Tower / Melissa Caruso

Obsidian tower

I have no idea what it’s about but it was in my book box and as usual I will give it a try. It’s also the last one for a while as I cancelled my subscription.

Nemesis Games / James S. A. Corey

Nemesis Games

I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of book 4 so here’s hoping the 5th will be better again!

Witches Abroad / Terry Pratchett

witches abroad

This was a favourite and I’m excited to re-visit!

Talking to Dragons / Patricia C. Wrede

Talking to dragons

The third left the ending open and I’m excited to finish this series. I want to stick with the other and try her other works after. I know the Mairelon books and looooved them but hear there’s even more goodies!

Royal Assassin (illustrated edition) / Robin Hobb

Royal assassin

Am about to pre-order it and then my journey will continue! Those books are absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait for the drawings of Nighteyes!

A Stephen King novel


I’ve actually already started Bag of Bones but am not convinced so far. It’s about a writer whose wife dies, resulting in him getting nightmares and a serious writer’s block. I’m only in the start and it’s quite boring. Let’s see.

The Fires of Heaven / Robert Jordan

fires of heaven

If I manage to finish book 4 soon! I’m convinced I’ll be halfway done with the series before the year is over! Watch this place. My summaries will continue soon btw!


  1. If you like the Maerelon books and the enchanted forest, then you’ll like her books where she teams up with Stevermer. I also recommend her “13th Child” trilogy 🙂


  2. I’m planning to read Witches Abroad this summer (winter) too! 🙂 It’s the next one in the Witches series that I need to read. And I’m in the middle of Shadow Rising now. Hoping to complete it by the end of this month.


  3. OOh, great picks! I loved the Last Emperox (and the whole trilogy). I think I’m up to Nemesis Games as well in the Expanse series, so I probably should move on to #5 as well. I read Bag of Bones on summer vacation a year or two ago, and it was a great beach read. (I’m weird, but I love reading King books during vacations.) Enjoy!


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