Reading The Dragon Reborn (Part 6)

Chapter 40

Mat & Thom get fireworks.

What’s a bad idea? –> Mat outside alone

What’s a worse idea? –> Mat outside alone with fireworks!

Chapter 41 & 42

Faile is being annoying. Extremely annoying. And she bullies everyone. Even Lan.


Moiraine: Shut up and eat your fish, Faile!


Chapter 43 & 44

Faile: Never mind me sitting creepily in the corner of your room & watching you sleep, Perrin!


Mat: I’m bored! Let’s open some fireworks, heh!


Mat after killing 2 men in cold blood: How dare you kill that woman, Thom?


Chapter 45

Mat: Hi, palace guard! Got a message for the Queen from the White Tower!

Guard: Fuck off!

Mat: You’re fat.

Guard: KILL HIM!


Chapter 46, 47, 48 & 49

Mat walks unchallenged into the palace.

Thom tugs his moustache: I

Braid tugging: III


Great scene: Elayne bitch-slapping Egwene!



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