Top Ten Tuesday: Fantasy Books with single word titles I enjoyed


Uprooted / Naomi Novik


I absolutely adored this novel and it made me a fan of the author! Here is my review.

MaddAddam / Margaret Atwood


Satisfying conclusion to a very good trilogy!

Oathbringer / Brandon Sanderson


Even though it was my least favourite of the 3 published novels so far, it was still a good read [Review]

Warbreaker / Brandon Sanderson


I regret that I never wrote a review for it cause now I hardly remember any details. What I do remember is that I enjoyed it though. I read it on holiday at the pool^^ So only good memories here 🙂

Coraline / Neil Gaiman


Probably my favourite Gaiman so far. Cute & creepy and short enough to read in one sitting. [My Review]

1Q84 / Haruki Murakami


I still have the third part to read. It’s kinda really weird in some places but really well written and the story is super interesting. I want to read book 3 next month because it’s been sitting on y TBR for a looong time now. My reviews for book 1 and book 2.

Skyward / Brandon Sanderson

skyward 1

My favourite book in 2018. Totally blew me away and a big reason to pick up more SciFi and Space Operas in particular. [Review]

Medalon / Jennifer Fallon


I use every chance I have to highlight Jennifer Fallon’s books and their awesomeness! I figure it’s actually time for a third ReRead of those ones soon….^^

Misery / Stephen King


I’m its biggest fan! Heeehee^^

Nah, honestly, this book is super creepy and scary and I couldn’t look away! The more time passes the better I like it, actually. I rated it 3.5 but looking back…. It’s probably more of a 4.5 😀 [Review]

Maskerade / Terry Pratchett


Discworld meets ‘Phantom of the Opera’! And the witches are in the middle of it. This was one of my Top 5 Pratchett novels and I can’t wait to reread!


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