Reading The Dragon Reborn (Part 5)

Chapter 29 & 30

Mat’s day out

Mat: I should really get on a ship!

Mat proceeds to gamble, win too much money & accidentally kills a man.


Chapter 31

Drunk Thom Merrilin: Did I tell you I banged Queen Morgase? Heeee


Chapter 32, 33 & 34

Perrin: I wonder what would happen if I release this caged Aiel man over here.

All hell breaks loose.

Whitecloaks appear.

Lan: WTF, Perrin?!


Chapter 35 & 36

Faile: Hello, I’m a new female character. I’m sassy, arrogant & get mad very quickly. Especially at men. I am a strong woman and know everything better!

Mrs. Jordan: Darl, that’s like every other female character in this book…..


Chapter 37, 38 & 39

Skirt smoothing: I

Braid tugging: II

Aviendha: We’re looking for He Who Rides With The Dawn who will save us! We also want to raise his babies.

Egwene: … stand in line, bitch!

Min in the distance: Damn right!!

…..Do I need to start a ‘The girls get captured counter’?


  1. You know, if not a “girls get captured” count, then at maybe a “girls do dumb things and ALMOST get captured” kind of thing. Not even Matt seems to put himself into troubles way like they do :-/

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