Wyrd & Wonder: Weekly Summary #2

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We’re halfway through the month and it started to get really freaking cold! Like 0 degrees in the mornings. It is awful! At least the sun is shining though so it’s not too miserable and during the day it warms up to about 15. I’m still having the wood-heater going 24/7. And it is extra nice to read in front of it 🙂

So how many books did I finish last week? It’s 1. Only 1 and also an audiobook. I finished Come tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire wile doing some gardening and am now caught up with the Wayward Children series. I enjoyed it more than the last one, even though it wasn’t perfect.come tumbling down

I am still in the middle of my Assassin’s Apprentice ReRead (153/448) and The Shadow Rising (32%).

Oh man…. The Jordan turned really, really bad & hard to read for a bit there. I am not sure who was more annoying. Faile with her constant talk of Perrin needing to be ‘housebroken’ and treating him like a dog or Perrin trying to make all of Faile’s decisions for her & wrapping her in bubble wrap.. Or Lan bursting into Nynaeve’s room, throwing a tantrum and then kissing her in front of Egwene & Elayne like a lovesick teenager. And let’s not even talk about Berelain who thinks sexually harassing and forcing herself on Rand and Perrin is cool. NO means NO! They made it clear they don’t want her and she ignored them both, that’s just disgusting and makes me mad.

Fortunately now the fellowship seems to be breaking up and moving into different directions. I am glad. And I already love those seafolks!

I want to finish 3 more books until the end of the month but not sure about the 3rd yet. I will probably start a few and see what I stick with.

I can tell you that it’s not going to be my book box novel. I read about 20 pages and my eyes almost rolled to the back of my head. I couldn’t read any more, this was making me mad. First of all, I don’t know what happened previously but it always gets referred to and that was annoying. Then the first thing that happens is a reporter talking about how he wants to fuck the protagonist because she’s so hot and cool and makes him want to be the alpha and I already hate all the characters anyways and don’t care about any of this. If I don’t like the next book I get I will cancel the subscription.


And here is how desperate I am for pro wrestling.. I’m watching wrestlers watching & reviewing their old matches.

And I did not understand anything they said.

Don’t judge me! 😀

Have a good week!!


  1. I am finding once the groups get broken up that the bickering is easier to handle. My reaction to Berelain’s advances were quite different from yours. Most men like that kind of thing, even if they don’t actually want it from the woman. What we don’t like is the attendant emotional dramas that go along with it 😀 We love attention, whether we want it or not, but leave those emotions at the door, please and thank you! 😀
    I’m about half way through the Shadow Rising and I’m enjoying myself. I hope you end up having a good overall time with the book.

    Unlike that Box Crate book. As soon as you said “alpha” I was like “yep, I wouldn’t read that book if my life depended on it”. Hopefully the next shipment is better.

    And best of luck with winter. We’re moving into summer and I’ve actually got my first sunburn going on 😀 It’s almost like an annual rite of passage…

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    1. Haha, the next book box might be my last! It’s the last chance! I got 4 boxes so far and only liked 1 of the books. All the extras were great, but the book is the most important^^

      The Shadow Rising has become better, but I feel like this book could have been SO much shorter!

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      1. Oh man, 4?!? I didn’t realize it was that many. That actually really sucks 😦

        I just wrote up my review for Shadow Rising and this is the book where I feel like we see the inherent weakness of Jordan’s writing without an extremely strict editor.

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  2. I felt the same as you about everything in Jordan’s book. Faile and Berelain annoyed me to the max and I hated reading Perrin’s parts. I can’t take all that bullying from Faile.
    I’m now listening to Dragon Reborn on audio to get through it and will most likely use the audio for Shadow Rising too.

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