Wyrd & Wonder: Harry Potter – The Hunger Games edition

Wyrd and Wonder header

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you throw the Harry Potter characters into a Hunger Games setting?

Thanks to this neat & fun simulator you can now find out! Enjoy 😀

Let’s introduce the team first:

2020-05-02 (47)

Let the HUNGER GAMES begin!

2020-05-02 (60)

Oh god, Sirius! What did the Sorting Hat ever do to you? 😦

And that’s just like Peter Pettigrew to grab an empty backpack without noticing!
I’m a big, big fan of Fleur beating up Lucius Malfoy, you go girl!!

2020-05-02 (61)

There is a whole lot going on here!!!

First of all – sorry to see you go, Dumbledore! Especially this early in the game. The same fate befalls Moody and Lupin.

In an interesting twist Dudley Dursley overpowers Bellatrix Lestrange!

And the Moaning Myrtle? Tripping over seems just like her unfortunately!

Krum & Hermione go out together, isn’t it romantic?

2020-05-02 (62)

That is very unfortunate, Neville 😦

Also, poor McGonagall says goodbye.

Draco can’t deal with the stress and is anyone surprised that Harry is the lucky one?

Also, Voldemort does NOT share his fire!

2020-05-02 (63)

Now, that is just sad!


2020-05-02 (64)

Harry & Ron vs Draco & Voldemort? It’s ON!

2020-05-02 (65)

What a TWIST!

2020-05-02 (66)

The TWISTS and TURNS in this! You NEVER know what happens!

2020-05-02 (68)


2020-05-02 (69)

Aaaaand the WINNER is….

2020-05-02 (70)

The darkest timeline! 😉




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