Reading The Dragon Reborn (Part 3)

Chapter 12

Mr. Jordan: Time to describe the Amyrlin Seat’s office in great detail, ha!


Chapter 13

Dress smoothing: I

Braid tugging: I


Leane: Oh, you’re in SO much trouble! The Amyrlin Seat will torture you for sure and do BAAAD things to you and you will probably also get stilled! She’s MAAD!

Amyrlin Seat: You get an ass-whopping & gotta wash some pots in the kitchen. Also, you get a promotion.


Chapter 14

Braid tugging: III

Amyrlin Seat: I need capable Aes Sedai assassin’s to hunt down Liandrin & The Black Ajah!

Also the Amyrlin Seat: It shall be you, Nynaeve & Egwene!


Chapter 15

Braid tugging: II


Chapter 16

Skirt smoothing: III

Braid tugging: I

Egwene: Oh, I wanna marry Rand! OMG, Galad is so beautiful!


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