April Book Haul

Physical copies


The Unspoken Name / A.K. Larkwood [DNF]

…..Hee….. you remember this? Didn’t I write a review already a while ago? Yup. I did. This book was in my monthly subscription box. But I had already bought it as an ebook earlier. It’s sad, but there’s always the possibility of it happening. I loved the Hot Cross Bun marshmallows though πŸ˜€

Assassin’s Apprentice / Robin Hobb [already read]

I treated myself to the illustrated version and it is SO beautiful! I will definitely re-read it again this year even though I did just a couple of months ago. And I hope all of Hobb’s books will be published in this format.


Wundersmith / Jessica Townsend

Soo glad this arrived here this month! I was preparing for a long wait and here it is!




The Shadow Rising / Robert Jordan [currently reading]

Who would have thought that I finally get into the Wheel of Time! Sometimes it’s worth giving books a 2nd try after some time has passed.


Das bisschen Huefte, meine Guete / Renate Bergmann [read]

I felt like something short, easy and German! Those books are hilarious and m just glad there are so many! They are written from the pov of an 82year old lady and this time she needs to go into rehab due to a broken hip.

Audio Books

white night

White Night / Jim Butcher

The 9th part of the Dresden Files!


  1. I feel so sad that the ebook covers for the new WoT books are so blah. I realize by this time most people have at least heard of WoT, but still, that is no excuse for a boring cover!

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