Reading The Dragon Reborn (Part 2)

Chapter 5

Leya: Let me take on a Fade! Ahh shit, I’m dead.


The Loial Generator

—- Ta’veren!

—- Oh, Elder Haman will kill me!

—- I follow Rand!

—- You’re so hasty, humans!


Chapter 6

Lan looks like a rock: II


Perrin: Why should I run from a beautiful woman tho?

Selene & Liandrin: No clue at all.


Chapter 7, 8, 9 & 10

Egwene smoothes skirt: I

Nynaeve tugs braid: I


Egwene: Hi Whitecloak! We come from Toman Head!

Verin: WTF. Ah, I guess someone needs to play the stupid one now that Mat’s unconscious!

Chapter 11

Mr. Jordan: IMG20200403170029



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