Top Ten Tuesday: My Wyrd & Wonder TBR


As May is Wyrd & Wonder month I was creating a special TBR just for the occasion! And I’m gonna be optimistic. I will try to finish as many of those as possible! Half would be a success, but I aim for almost all!

Here we go:

The Shadow Rising / Robert Jordan


The 4th book in the Wheel of Time series. I started it but stopped to save it for May^^ It has over 1000 pages and I only am in chapter 3 so I won’t have a big head start unfortunately. I’m keen to continue though, it’s getting very interesting! My plan is to have one brick going together with a shorter novel. And the audio book on the side when I drive to work.

..I got this all mapped out πŸ˜€

Come Tumbling Down / Seanan McGuire (Audio Book)

come tumbling down

The 5th book in the Wayward Children Series. I can’t believe I’m almost caught up! Not sure what to expect but it’s about Jack and Jill again. Hm. Not my favourite characters, but we will see! Those books are perfect to listen to and I need to find a new series after.

Maybe I check if anything else by the author is available!

Assassin’s Apprentice / Robin Hobb (ReRead)


1st part of the Farseer Trilogy. I reread it only last year but now that I have the incredibly beautiful illustrated edition I want to read it again asap. And so I will!

Wundersmith / Jessica Townsend


The 2nd book in the Nevermoor series. You can’t believe how happy I am that this still got here! My packages from Japan were sent back and are currently on hold but this one from the UK I think was here the other week. Lucky me! Book 1 was one of my highlights this year and I’m excited that I will be able to continue.

Reaper Man / Terry Pratchett (ReRead)

Reaper Man

I am up to book 11 of my Discworld ReRead. I don’t remember a lot of it so it will almost feel like it’s a whole new story!

Calling on Dragons / Patricia C. Wrede


The 3rd book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I can’t have a Fantasy appreciation month without Patricia C. Wrede πŸ˜‰

Blood of Empire / Brian McClellan

blood of empire

This book. THIS BOOK. It’s the 3rd and last part in the Gods of Blood and Powder trilogy. I’ve been meaning to read it ages ago and even read the first couple of pages.

1Q84. Part 3 / Haruki Murakami


This has been on my TBR pretty long and I should finish it soon while I still remember what happened in the first 2 books.

Blood of Elves / Andrzej Sapkowski

blood of elves

The 3rd or 1st part in the Witcher Series. Depending on how you see it. I read the first 2 short story collections and need to jump into the ‘main’ story now.

Whatever will be in my May Subscription Box

This will be a surprise! I just hope it’s not a book I already know, like last time πŸ˜€

There are a couple of bricks and a couple of short ones. I think it’s a good mix, but of course I might not stick with it. I might feel like rereading Harry Potter again^^ Who knows πŸ˜€ Surprisingly there are no 1st parts, apart from a ReRead. I’ve been really good with continuing series this year!


  1. I already finished The Shadow Rising. The Wheel of Time books are definitely comfort reading for me right now.

    I might read Blood of Empire with you. I need to finish out that series.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh, what a great list! I loved Come Tumbling Down, but then again, I loved Jack and Jill’s stories the most in this series. But wait — you’re looking for more by this author? She’s my fave. πŸ™‚ Try the October Daye series! It’s amazing.

    I love that you included Calling on Dragons. I loved those books. I need to keep going with the Witcher books too — I’ve only read The Last Wish, but I want more! Enjoy all your reading!!


  3. Seanan McGuire has written a lot of things (including a 10+ book series and books under a different pen name) so I think you can find something to your taste. Great tbr!


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