Books, Dogs & Gardening #20

Another week, another 2 books finished. Am extremely happy with it and both my books this week were really fun!

Ein bisschen Huefte, meine Guete

I picked the 2nd book about the ‘Online Grandma’ Renate Bergmann, Das Bisschen Huefte, meine Guete and it was hilarious again! This time Renate needs to have a hip replacement and we follow her journey to recovery including rehab. I am really glad that the series contains so many books already because I want to read them all!

The Consuming Fire

And then I read the 2nd part of John Scalzi’s Interdependency, The Consuming Fire. It was a wild ride. Started slow but did I pick up? Hell yeah! I’m not sure when I will have the chance to read the last part, but I gotta order it in. I own all the physical copies so I can’t just read the ebook now^^

I meant to read The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan, but I decided to save it for the Wyrd & Wonder Challenge in May and am reading Cibola Burn by James S.A. Corey instead. Am up to page 212 and loving it, as expected.


I hope I will be done in the end of this month. Will read a whole lot today so I guess it’s looking good even though I gotta work the next 3 days.

I started doing a jigsaw puzzle and decided to listen to White Night, the 9th Harry Dresden novel by Jim Butcher while I’m at it. It’s very relaxing, but I wish my dogs wouldn’t try to eat the puzzle pieces 😦

So, apart from that, there’s not much happening here. I enjoy staying at home, cause that’s what I normally choose to do anyways if I don’t HAVE to go somewhere and am keeping myself busy! There’s always something to do or new things to try out so I don’t understand the people who moan about being bored. You can choose to not be. Get creative.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Agreed, it does seem to be non-readers who are the most bored right now. I have also seen a lot of extroverts having trouble, though, whether they are readers or not. I am lucky in that I am a reader, an introvert, and live with my husband. If I was alone, I would be having a lot more trouble than I currently am, even though I’m a reader and a knitter and have no problem entertaining myself.

    Sounds like you made some great progress on the reading front! I’m glad you enjoyed The Consuming Fire. I still need to pick up book one (we own it, I have no excuse) but hope to get to it this year.


  2. I’m definitely not bored BUT I’m also sort of sick of staying at home all the time? I don’t think it’s the home thing so much as just the sameness of every day that seems to be getting to me. I like being home too. But also I need some changes now and then apparently LOL. Have a great week!


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