Reading The Dragon Reborn (Part 1)


Mr. Jordan: Hm.. how to start.. I need to grab everyone’s attention immediately.. AH! Whitecloaks!

Byar: Yeah, everything’s Perrin’s fault from now on.

Chapter 1

Perrin: Hello lady! My mates and I here are waiting for single women in this dark alley and then we corner them –

Mrs. Jordan: …..maybe approach this differently…

Chapter 2

Perrin and Min talk.

A Shienaran: Hihi are you in love?

Rand: Moiraine, can we do something?

Moiraine: No, I’m stalling until we filled everyone in on what happened in the previous books!

Chapter 3

Lan appears for the first time.

He looks like a stone: II

Chapter 4

Shady dream figure: Have a drink with me, Perrin!

Perrin: No! I’m not supposed to take candy from strangers! And that includes drinks! And I won’t get in your truck!


  1. It’s pretty impressive that Lan can appear for the first time and have looked stony twice already! šŸ˜€

    I am wishing that Sanderson could re-write this whole series and have a serious editor. I know that will never happen, can never happen, but I still want it to.

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