Books, Dogs & Gardening #19

I had a good reading week! April has been slow but at least I finished 3 books so far.

the dragon reborn

The Dragon Reborn has been my least favourite of the series so far. I didn’t like that Rand was absent for most of it, even though I understood why… Perrin is still super boring and the Aes Sedai chapters were a little too long. But at least I warmed up to Mat(!) and thought the ending was cool. Also, happy to see some Aiel!

moving pictures

I finally continued my Discworld ReRead! Moving Pictures has never been one of my favourites but for some reason it was easier to read the second time. Maybe because I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it? The wizards cracked me up in this! And I loved Gaspode and all the other animals. Next one in line now is Reaper Man. I remember this also wasn’t a favourite, but not much else.

Now I am reading The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi and am up to page 78 of 316. It hasn’t grabbed me yet like book 1 did, but that’s not really the book’s fault cause it has to share my attention with The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. It has over 1000 pages and I heard that it’s the best or definitely one of the best books in the series. I just can’t stay away from The Wheel of Time at the moment!

I kinda stopped buying books. At least physical copies cause they’re just taking way too long to get here. And shops are closed still. I will get some ebooks now and then, but it’s a good chance to read everything from my small TBR! Then I can go wild when the book shops open again.

I just finished listening to In An Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire as well and am not sure about it. It’s so far the first that didn’t really make me emotional. I just wasn’t as invested in what was happening to Lundi. Even though I liked the setting.

I’m doing pretty well with the whole self-isolation. I’m not very social anyways and don’t go out often. There’s a reason we moved into the bush 😀

So when I’m not working I enjoy cuddling up next to the fire with the dogs & read! That’s my happy place.


Have a good week!


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