Reading The Great Hunt (Part 11)

Chapter 42, 43 & 44

Min smoothes dress: I

Egwene is in trouble. She’s been caught by the Seanchan and used as an Aes Sedai on a leash. Nynaeve & Min are planning to free her and run into Bayle Domon who promises to wait & escape with them.

Whitecloaks: Excuse us, could we insert ourselves into this storyline, please?

Reader: Damn!

Verin: The fellowship will consist of 5! I stay behind though. Too dangerous! Good luck, boys!


Chapter 45

Ingtar: The horn is the only thing I care about! It is my life. My everything. Oh, horn!

Rand: …pull yourself together, Ingtar!


Mrs. Jordan: So, don’t you think it’s rather unlikely for Rand to glimpse Egwene from a distance in a huge city?

Mr. Jordan: It is the Wheel! The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills!

Mrs. Jordan: …. fine! But how on earth does Rand kill a freaking BLADEMASTER? He only trained with Lan like twice??

Mr. Jordan: The Wheel works in mysterious ways!


Chapter 46

Ingtar: I was actually a Darkfriend all along. I die now to redeem myself.


Chapter 47

Matt: Hey! Heroes! Stop talking to Rand. *I* called you!


Artur Hawkwing: Jeez, you losing your mind over a woman again? Some things never change, huh?


Chapter 48

Rand is dying.

Egwene: Hey Min, you know you can’t marry Rand, right?


Child Byar: I’ma blame Perrin for all our bad luck!


Chapter 49 & 50

Moiraine: Hi! Miss me much?

Rand: Go away!


Rand: Wait! Are you telling me Fain & Mordeth did the fusion dance and are now one person??


Rand: This time I REALLY killed the Dark Lord!

Moiraine: ….. 2/14!

Rand: Oh come on!


Rand: *does nothing*

Rand: *starts civil war in Cairhien*


The End

All Counters

Comparing Lan’s face to a stone/rock: IIIII I

Skirt smoothing: IIII

Hair smoothing: I

Rand killing the Dark Lord: 0/2

Not a lot going on here, but we gotta consider that Lan was only there for a little portion of the story and the skirt smoothing just started. Also, Thom wasn’t featured often, so no mustache chewing at all!

In the end, I liked the story, but I had some issues along the way. First, Mat. I don’t think I’ll ever like him. He’s just so nasty & mean to Rand, it’s really not necessary! I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on the Dark Side. Rand was annoying at the start but alright again by the end. At least his reactions are kinda understandable.

Loial is one of my favourite characters. I love how he follows Rand everywhere and values their friendship. He IS loyal^^ It warms my heart!

Nynaeve was the worst in the start of the book and I needed a break during her chapters. How can someone be this unreasonable?? I did warm up to her in the end though cause I liked how she handled Egwene’s rescue in Falme. She was brave and would probably die for her friends! More of this Nynaeve, please!

I’m not sure why the Whitecloaks thought they needed to be there in the end, but alright.

I also don’t understand why everyone thinks they’re in love with Rand and no I’m not happy with ‘IT’S THE WHEEL’.

I’m actually excited to continue, even though I wanted to take a break from the Wheel in March. I got the book already and will see if I feel like it.

I hope we get more Lan in ‘The Dragon Reborn’. I am not sure anymore whether I have read it once already or not. It’sĀ  bit confusing cause I read the German versions in the past and they split up the books. So it’s possible I actually only read book 1 & 2 before!

It might be all new for me from now on!


  1. For your sake, I hope it IS all new. It is much easier to read when you’re focused on trying to figure out what is going on šŸ˜€

    If you haven’t started Dragon Reborn yet, a word of warning. Nynaeve and Egwene are as unpleasant as ever for the first half of the book šŸ˜¦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have finished it & am going to start ‘The Shadow Rising’ today! People on Twitter are telling me it’s the best of the series so I couldn’t resist šŸ˜€

      I write & schedule my summary posts weeks in advance, but didn’t expect to have book 3 done so quickly šŸ˜€

      Will read a 2nd book simultaneously though, to have some variety^^

      Liked by 1 person

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