Review: Beneath the Sugar Sky. Wayward Children 3 by Seanan McGuire

When Rini lands with a literal splash in the pond behind Eleanor West’s Home for

beneath the sugar sky
Wayward Children, the last thing she expects to find is that her mother, Sumi, died years before Rini was even conceived. But Rini can’t let Reality get in the way of her quest – not when she has an entire world to save! (Much more common than one would suppose.)

If she can’t find a way to restore her mother, Rini will have more than a world to save: She will never have been born in the first place. And in a world without magic, she doesn’t have long before Reality notices her existence and washes her away. Good thing the student body is well-acquainted with quests….

A tale of friendship, baking, and derring-do.

Hey, I really, really enjoyed this book! This was fun, magical & colourful! Very different to the 2nd novel!

It starts out back at Eleanor West’s school and the new pov character is Cora, who used to be a mermaid and is struggling with having been bullied all her life because she is overweight. Poor thing is thinking a whole lot about ‘being fat’ and it kinda defines who she is, even though all the kids at school accept her just as she is.

This story is a journey. A journey through different worlds with the aim to revive Sumi. You might remember Sumi from book 1. She was in a nonsense world called ‘Confection’ and was killed by Jill. In Confection, everything is made from cake, sweets & candy! The rivers are soda, the beaches are chocolate cookie crumble and so on. Now Kade, Christopher & his bone flute, Cora, Nadya and Sumi’s daughter Rini (from the future^^) go on an adventure to make Sumi whole again. If they don’t manage it, Rini will fade from existence.

To be honest, Rini was super annoying and I couldn’t stand her, but everyone else was delightful! I loved Nancy’s cameo and the fact that the kids visit other interesting worlds! Especially Confection was really cool and so bright and colourful.

It didn’t all make sense, but it sometimes doesn’t have to. I enjoyed a wonderfully magical story and if you get emotional in the end, they did something right!

★★★★ (4/5)


  1. I preferred the second book to this one, to be honest, but I enjoyed the reading too and I loved Nancy’s cameo (especially because I was so curious about her world!!). I am happy to see that you had a great time with it!

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