Reading The Great Hunt (Part 10)

Chapter 38

Liandrin: Hi! Come with me to Toman Head! Rand is in danger. And don’t tell anyone.

Egwene: Of course we come, Ms Man-hating shifty Red Ajah whom we shouldn’t trust.

Liandrin …… (that was easy?) …..

Chapter 39

Egwene smoothes skirt: I

Liandrin: Just go through that waygate, I follow.

Egwene: Ok!

Liandrin: …. (WAY too easy!) ……

Chapter 40

Egwene: Oh no! Liandrin betrayed us!

Reader: …… OH REALLY

Nynaeve & Elayne get away and hide from scary Seanchan.

Nynaeve: Here, Elayne, brush your hair! *hands over brush*

Somewhere Rand suddenly feels very pleased….

Chapter 41 & 42

Bully Mat: You’re an Aes Sedai, Rand! HAHAHA


  1. Chapters 38-40 really caught in my craw. I just hate stupid main characters. And I know they AREN’T stupid, as the next couple of chapters about the girls shows. They’re smart as whips, when Jordan wants them to be :-/
    Very frustrating read…

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