Reading The Great Hunt (Part 9)

Chapter 33

Ingtar: The horn is gone! My life has no meaning anymore! *wails*

Verin: Jeez, stop being so dramatic, will you?

Loial: Oh no! Elder Haman will have me grounded! We can’t go back to my stedding! They will make me sit on the silent stairs! Ah!

Chapter 34 & 35

Rand: That’s it! I do this one thing and then no more Aes Sedai in my life!

Reader: Oh my sweet summer child…

At Stedding Tsofu

3 Aiel women: Hi, we’re here too.

Mat: Hey Rand! This one could be your auntie! Haha! They look just like you!

Rand: I’M NOT AN AIEL!!!

Loial: Pls let’s go I don’t want to get married off!

Chapter 36

Alar: Oooh, you need a portal stone? Well how convenient! There’s one in my front garden right over there!

Mrs. Jordan: ….

Mr. Jordan: …well they gotta get to Toman Head somehow! … *mumbles* why did I make this world so bloody big?!

Chapter 37

(I loved this chapter! The portal stone malfunctions and Rand gets glimpses of different lives he could have lived. It’s scary and so well done, I actually got goosebumps cause they ALL have one thing in common. Rand slowly realizes that he can’t just go back to a normal life & ignore everything. He’s stubborn though so he won’t admit it^^)


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