Books, Dogs & Gardening 18

How are you all holding up? We had another very stressful week with changes almost every day. We’re working, still. We gotta. But with a different system. Let’s just hope we won’t have any cases and are able to keep going!

I finished 2 audio books and 1 physical book last week. Yes, I was driving around a lot!!

Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher was a bit problematic. I will talk about it in my review next week. I need a break from Harry and his BS and will concentrate on the Wayward Children books. Surprisingly, I loved Beneath the Sugar Sky. It looks like a lot of people see it as the weakest, but I really enjoyed the story!


The Last Smile in Sunder City was a big miss. I didn’t like anything about it, really. Fortunately it was short so I didn’t have to spend too much time reading it. I wanted to dnf, but then I thought about how it was in my book subscription box & I pay a lot of money for it -.- Can’t make everyone happy though! My first was a big hit, this was a miss… so let’s hope the next one will be better again!

I want to finish The Dragon Reborn next week as I’ve been reading it for a month now and didn’t make a lot of progress. I don’t think I’m a fan of Perrin’s perspective.. I want Rand back, even though he’s kinda off with the fairies at the moment.


If I get enough of The Wheel of Time I will jump straight into The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi! Very much looking forward to it!

And I will start listening to In An Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire!

Is anyone playing Animal Crossing?? I thought it would be for me and bought it. Only to play it for 2 days and lose interest 😦 I don’t know why! It’s similar to Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, but for some reason I have no desire to pick it up again…What a waste of money!

animal crossing

At least the new Story of Seasons game is coming in a couple of months so I can look forward to that.

We started watching Tiger King on Netflix. Or better – Mr. DZ started, I didn’t want to, cause I can’t stand seeing poor animals suffering and I was sure that’s what we would see. It’s just the worst thing ever. But in an addictive way. You can’t look away. It is seriously fucked up and I wish all the people in it will get some kind of help! And keep the animals safe!!

I still miss my Japanese wrestling a LOT but at least AEW is still doing shows. Even if it’s in an empty arena. They are clever and creative enough to make it entertaining and not awkward at all. So far their episodes have been hilarious! And Chris Jericho cut a promo on a Drone last week – this is must-see television!!!


Stay safe and have a good week!



    1. Yup, and no refund cause I bought it from the online shop 😦 Next time I’ll be more careful!

      Haha, no, just driving to work and between both our villages! It was a bit all over the place this week with new rules & regulations and customers & staff were confused. Can’t blame them!

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  1. I was kinda interested in The last smile… but just realised that was purely based on the cover. I actually know nothing about it 🙈not in a hurry to check it out now.

    I played animal crossing a long time ago. Enjoyed it then. But watched a few people play it now, and think I would get bored with it real fast. Shame it was a waste of money for you. Can you get a refund?

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    1. I really wouldn’t recommend Last Smile! I know a lot of people enjoyed it, but I really can’t see why! The main protagonist is such an asshole too -.-

      I need to look into a refund! Even if it’s store credit or half, that’s better than nothing^^

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  2. I hope your next reading would be great! I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy Last Smile, I haven’t read it but it is on my TBR and I was hoping to read it, sooner or later!
    And in April I hope to start that series by Scalzi and I have great expectations! 😍

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  3. I have been tempted to get Animal Crossing, but really only because my entire Twitter feed exploded with AC this and AC that. Otherwise, I’m not interested in starting a new game of that sort. I am quite happy to return to Stardew Valley whenever I feel the desire for that style game, so I’m trying to stay strong. 🙂

    Happy reading and stay safe!

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  4. The Tiger King is oddly addictive. All of the big cat people are terrible human beings and they’re all nuts!
    Hope your week has been okay, I’ve been so busy I’m very slowly catching up with things.

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