Reading The Great Hunt (Part 8)

Chapter 29

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Captain Egeanin: We are the Seanchan! Obey and serve us. ‘Kay? Bye!

Captain Domon: …. I be just doing boat business….

Whitecloaks: Hey! You miss us?


Chapter 30

Rand: I don’t want to play this game!

Loial: But you’re playing it!

Rand: I’m not doing ANYTHING!



My favourite scene from the series so far is Rand sitting on the ground laughing manically after their inn burned down and someone stole their chest. Brilliant!


Chapter 31

Mat: Hi Rand! Let’s discuss all of our secrets in front of those Cairhienin. You seen my dagger????


Chapter 32

Mr. Jordan: Al’cair’rahienallen

Mrs. Jordan: …are you having a seizure, darl? Is everything ok?


Rand faces Trollocs: HIYAAAA, DIE YOU MONSTERS!

Rand faces Darkfriends: I WILL SLAY YOU! *stab*

Rand faces 3 women at a party: PLS HELP I NEED HELP! I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS!


Thom: ….sooo…. you need my help now…?

Rand: Nah, I’m good.

Thom: 😦



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