Books, Dogs & Gardening #17

I had a bad week and the worst day from hell yesterday. I didn’t read a lot at all, but managed to finish at least one book today.

the lost manI am honestly not sure what to think of it. It started really slow and I was bored by it a lot in the start. It never really pulled me in and I never read many pages in one sitting. It wasn’t a chore, but I never felt like I needed to keep on reading. The end was really, really good though. I didn’t expect the revelation and the turn around the whole story took. Even how the narrator ended up made me feel a little emotional, despite not caring too much about him in the start.

I will keep on reading the author’s books though. She’s currently working on the next one and I’m happy to hear it!

I didn’t listen to Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher at all. I just couldn’t concentrate on it. Too much to think about. So I still got 4h to go on it. Should be finished next week though!

I want to get back to my Wheel of Time Read and will pick up The Dragon Reborn later today. No other plans for next week so far.

So yesterday morning Walter & Wilma managed to open the gate and off they went. It’s not unusual. They do it now and then and always come back after exploring for a bit. I do let them out myself sometimes too and we have a walk around the paddocks. Never an issue. But this time when I called only Wilma came back. No trace of Walter. I looked around the whole property and the neighbors’ and nothing. Now this is scary, cause next to our place there’s a massive Regional Park and if you get lost in there you might never turn up again.

After a couple of hours of him not coming back, I alerted shelters, vets, neighborhood & facebook^^ Wilma and I went on walks for hours, calling him. But nothing. Until the afternoon when a neighbor’s kid saw him in the bush while she was going for a ride. It was way off close to a creek but once I got there there was no Walter.

I went back a couple of times later, but no Walter and it was getting dark. I was a crying mess throughout ALL of this, by the way. And even Wilma was getting anxious.

Mr. DZ came back when it was dark, grabbed the flashlight and walked parts of the National Park too. No Walter. I kept calling from home. After that, Mr. DZ decided to drive up where he was last seen, as a last chance. Still no Walter and he was driving back, still calling, until he saw RED EYES RUNNING TOWARDS HIM! Walter must have heard and came!! I can’t believe our luck! It was pitch black at that point and I don’t want to think about what would have happened…..

I guess he must have chased something and then got lost…..

The boy is DEFINITELY grounded and after his adventurous day which included swimming in some creek, he’s still sleeping…..

I’m ordering a GPS collar. I never want this to happen again!

The naughty boy after coming back home last night
This is how I nap!

Have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear that life has been crappy. When your mind isn’t in it, reading just isn’t fun 😦

    Glad that everything turned out ok with Walter and I think getting a gps collar is definitely the way to go. If he did this once, he’ll do it again. Dogs are like kids, but most don’t seem to “grow up” πŸ˜€

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    1. He almost did it again the other day! Managed to jump the fence – I have NO idea how, it’s too high for him. But he probably saw some animal he really wanted to catch and grew wings πŸ˜€ At least he came back once I called him! But the collar is on my high priority list!

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  2. Poor Walter! Glad it ended happily, though πŸ™‚ Maybe Walter will learn a thing of two from his escapade, and with a gps collar you should be all set in your wilderness πŸ˜€

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  3. What a frightening story with Walter! I have two dogs and they’ve broken loose a few times before, so I sympathize. I’ve always found them again, thank goodness, but until they’re home safe and sound, that feeling of being sick with worry…ugh, it’s the worst. Glad he’s safe!

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  4. Its amazing how attached one can get to a pet. I am glad walter is back tho. Baily’s and pizza!?!? I would like some too!πŸ™‚. I am currently also struggling to get any reading done, my mind is in a 1000 placesπŸ˜”

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