Reading The Great Hunt (Part 5)

Chapter 17

Rand is in mortal danger: I really want to kiss Selene.
Chapter 18

The girls arrive in Tar Valon and will start their proper Aes Sedai training soon. I’m looking forward to it, even though I’m dreading to read about Nynaeve in particular. She’s acting even more like a child now. If you thought book 1 was bad just wait for 2!

Chapter 19

Selene undresses


Rand earlier: Oh, I love Egwene!

Also Rand: I wonder whether Selene would marry a farmer….

Selene: Rand, did I mention the Horn of Valere yet…?
Chapter 20

Skirt smoothing: I

Selene: The Horn, Rand???

One comment

  1. Spoilers ahead!

    Oh my goodness, Nynaeve! I was so glad when she got her comeuppance. Of course, I do wish she had been captured by the seanchan and not Egwene. Nynaeve needed the lessons way more than Egwene. Not that I’m a sadist or anything 😉

    Hormones. More powerful than a locomotive, able to make even death filled situations be all about sex. Sigh…

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