On My Radar in February

Gareth L. Powell / Ember’s of War

A war ship turned rescue ship called Trouble Dog and a crew of misfits on a mission to find a lost space ship. I dig it! Lots of my fellow bloggers love it.

The Kingdom of Liars / Nick Martell

Court politics, scheming & backstabbing! About a disgraced member of the court who is trying to find his way back in. He finds out that everyone including the royal family is corrupt & seeking power. Also, magic. I like this stuff!

Practical Magic / Alice Hoffman

A tale about two magical sisters. I’ve never seen the movie or heard anything about it, but it sounds short, cute and I need this sometimes!

Ancillary Justice / Ann Leckie

A soldier possessed by a spaceship looking for revenge against those that destroyed him. Interesting! It has won awards and I’ve seen it around, so now it goes on my SciFi list!

Fire Logic / Laurie J. Marks

I don’t remember why I made a note of this. It sounds like your standard High Fantasy, dealing with a cast of different characters who can work different kinds of magic. I give it a try!

A Deadly Education / Naomi Novik

Aaaaaaaah, a new Novik! We have to wait until October, but omg, does this sound exciting! It’s set in a magic school that wants to kill you? I mean, sure! Why not? Give it to me!

The Lark and the Wren / Mercedes Lackey

I remember that I always enjoyed Lackey’s books and there are so many I haven’t read yet. I will make a start with this series. It’s about a girl who leaves her village to become a bard & her adventures.

The Paladin / C.J. Cherryh

Look, I don’t really know what it’s about but it came up on my search for mentor-student books, so I give it a go. Looks to be a stand alone which is neat.

The Throne of Amenkor / Jushua Palmatier

I remember that I had this trilogy on my wishlist years ago and then it somehow vanished. It’s available as a collection now, so it’s back on the list. The main character is an assassin/seer who has to save the world I guess πŸ˜€


  1. I need to read Practical Magic too. I’ve always wanted to. You should watch the movie when done. I love the movie. I think many people say the movie is different from the book.


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