DNF Review: Schooled in Magic by Christopher Nuttall

Emily is a teenage girl pulled from our world into a world of magic and mystery by a

schooled in magic
necromancer who intends to sacrifice her to the dark gods. Rescued in the nick of time by an enigmatic sorcerer, she discovers that she possesses magical powers and must go to Whitehall School to learn how to master them. There, she learns the locals believe that she is a “Child of Destiny,” someone whose choices might save or damn their world… a title that earns her both friends and enemies. A stranger in a very strange land, she may never fit into her new world… …and the necromancer is still hunting her. If Emily can’t stop him, he might bring about the end of days.

DNF at 46%.

This is such a great premise and I’m a sucker for magic schools! It also has an interesting start and we get necromancers, a mysterious sorcerer and a talking dragon straight away! But then they go away again and we enter the magic school… and that’s where it started to get boring.

This book has a lot of issues. The writing isn’t pretty. It features too many inner monologues and not enough dialogue. It’s exhausting. I skipped a couple passages in which the heroine was thinking about unimportant things. And how to invent a bra in this medieval world she’s now stuck in. The magic system is way too complicated. I was just confused by how spells are supposed to work. Too much explanation, not enough showing. It probably wouldn’t read as much as a bootleg Harry Potter if the author would stop mentioning it. Emily keeps comparing her situation to the Potter novels and that just shows how it can’t keep up.

Lots of standard tropes, like the chosen one and the pretty bully girl. It didn’t feel magical and innovative, but rather hostile and bland.

I would have liked to read more about the sorcerer from the start and the talking dragon. I sneaked a look into the following books and it doesn’t look like they will play any big roles at all. And I also saw that there are 18 of those so I ran.

Not my jam.


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