Books, Dogs & Gardening #14

Hee… I didn’t read the books I planned, but I finished 3 books last week and decided to abandon one.

So first I finished Force of Nature by Jane Harper and it was again great! I still have one to go and then I need to wait for the author to finish her next novel. I’m a faithful reader now!

force of nature


And then I had a dud. I started Schooled in Magic by Christopher Nuttall because I wanted a magic school setting. I put it down at about 46% because it was starting to drag a lot and didn’t convince me.

I am SO glad I dropped it though because after that I picked up Mairelon the Magician by Patricia C. Wrede. I loved it so much I got the sequel The Magician’s Ward straight after and read them both within a day. They weren’t very long and I wish the author would have written more, they were sooooo magical and funny and even had a slow-burn romance! I will review them both soon!

I would gladly read 10 more books in this series!

I will probably go back to The Great Hunt now and try to finish it in February. Then take a break from the Wheel in March and jump in again in April.

I also didn’t finish Down Among the Sticks and Bones yet, because I had a break from audio books. Will probably be done with it early next week though and then it’s another McGuire or another Butcher, I’m not sure yet.

Let’s hope next week’s reading is just as good!


  1. Well, I hope you like Wrede’s other stuff too. Just watch out for her Lyra books. They’re not really a series and I found them a bit dry. Don’t let me prejudice you though, as you might end up loving them.

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    1. She is writing other books still so I’m excited! Even if she doesn’t write more about Mairelon. And the duology DOES have a satisfying ending, so there is no need to pick up again. Even though I WOULD read more in a heartbeat 😀


      1. Yes and no? The setting seemed very similar to me, though S&C didn’t have the same mentor/student thing going on. To me it’s a more modern-feeling Jane Austen + magic, written in actual letters between the authors, and one of my favorite series ever.

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