Reading The Great Hunt (Part 2)

Chapter 4

We’re getting introduced to the different types of Aes Sedai. They are all powerful, shifty and ageless. They like to scheme and are quite full of themselves. Some more than others. Aes Sedai are divided into different groups, based on their views & powers. On top of all & presenting them all is the Amyrlin Seat.

So far we know:

Green Ajah –> We like to be active & fight. We like men. Men are cool!

Blue Ajah –> Men are okay. We are very righteous!

Yellow Ajah –> We don’t have an opinion on men! We heal! We stay out of it!

Red Ajah –> We are bitches, men are BAAAAAD! Our job is finding & preventing men from using the One Power.

Brown Ajah –> Hey look, there’s a butterfly!

Moiraine is a blue and so was the Amyrlin Seat. I think whites have been mentioned, but I don’t know what they are yet. Also, there’s talk about the mysterious black Ajah who worked for the Dark Lord. I’m sure they will pop up eventually! As well as some other colours.

Chapter 5

Attention! The very first hair and skirt smoothing incident occurs in Fal Dara! The culprits are Amalisa’s ladies as a result of being intimidated by the Bitch Queen of the Red Ajah – Liandrin!

Skirt smoothing: I

Hair smoothing: I

Chapter 6

Rand: OMG, a Fade! …. I got this…..

Ingtar: He’s mine! Go chase Trollocs!

Rand: But.. no! Let’s take him on together.. even though… Egwene is alone in the dungeon!

Ingtar: It’s mine! I need to achieve glory in battle! ‘Tis the only way I feel like a MAN! Go!

Rand: …you sure..?

Fade: ….WTF, GUYS?


Lan looks like a rock: I

Rand earlier: OMG! Why does no one let me leave the castle?! I have to GO!

Lan now: You can go now, Rand!

Rand: I want to stay now.


Chapter 7

Lan looks like a rock: I

Lan: You have been summoned before the Amyrlin Seat!




Rand: NO, I’M SORRY!



  1. So true about Rand. He’s like a baby presented with options and he doesn’t want any of them 😀

    I don’t remember any mention of a White Ajah. Could that be a lost branch that gets rediscovered?

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