Top Ten Tuesday: Random SciFi Book Names


A different topic today! I enjoyed creating random Fantasy names and luckily there generator has lots of other options as well! (here)

Sins of Aliens

Oh dear

Soldier with Four Eyes

They see better than 2, right? Good thing for a soldier to have.. I guess?

Equality in a Robot Takeover

I… have no words!

Abandoned by the Stars

That sounds extremely dramatic! I will read.

Bored by the Galaxy


Lonely in the Galaxy

That is very sad.

Afraid of the End of Earth

Aren’t we all!

Celebrating Electricity

And so we should! (Maybe not write a novel about it…. but.. hey, there’s an audience for everything^^)

Murder of the Faceless One

Solve that, Poirot!

Assassin in the News

I fear that’s very bad for the assassin business!



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