Reading The Wheel of Time (Part 9)

Chapter 40

A wild Rand appears in the palace garden.

Robert Jordan: Oooooh, now a very exciting scene for you, my readers! Just wait for it, you won’t believe it!

*proceeds to describe Elayne’s outfit in detail. Takes a whole page*

Mrs. Jordan: …..

Elayne acts bossy. Rand is intimidated. We get a look at the royal Family. Rand meets Morgase and Elaida the Aes Sedai who is knitting something black. Black like her soul.

Chapter 41

Reunion! Finally! Moiraine & the team arrive at the inn. Rand is happy. Egwene is happy. Nynaeve is happy. Perrin is broody. Lan is Lan. Mat is possessed by the dark spirit of Shadar Logoth.

Chapter 42 & 43

Mat: HeY friends! I’m back! What happened? Hey, let’s put a badger in the girls’ chamber hahahaha

Reader: Can we have emo Mat back please?

Rand: I dreamed about The Eye of the World.

Mat: Me too.

Moiraine: OMG, we need to go to the Blight like asap, wtf. But it’s on the other side of the world, ohmygod how could we go there? We need to teleport, if only someone would know a way to travel very quickly now!

Loial: ……

Moiraine: WAYGATES!

Loial: …damn!

Loial: You are Ta’veren!

Rand: Taveren?

Loial: TA’VEREN!

Rand: Dude, that’s what I just said?


Rand: Oh, just the princess.

Egwene: STOP LYING TO ME!!!!!

Rand: …….

Chapter 44

The team leaves the inn to search for the waygate and travel to the Blight. The waygates are dark and dangerous and only an Ogier can navigate them. And they’re like REALLY dark. Like those caves in the Pokemon games. And there’s also a dangerous wind in there. It’s honestly creepy and I like those waygates!

Perrin: I crave some raw meat, awoooo

Rand: ….what did you just say?

Perrin: ….nothing! I said nothing!


  1. LMAO!!
    “Reader: Can we have emo Mat back please?” IKR!!!
    “…And they’re like REALLY dark. Like those caves in the Pokemon games.” LOL!
    These recaps are so on point! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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