The State of the TBR

It is getting out of hand! You know I can’t deal with high TBR’s. They make me feel under pressure^^

I just counted my unread and started books and there are too many!

Here. There are a total of 7 physical copies and 4 ebooks.

….2 of them I am reading right now

….2 are started but put aside. Might dnf. Not sure yet!

….and 7 are totally new.

I’m still re-reading The Eye of the World and have also picked up A Cavern of Black Ice again. I’m hoping to finish both and another one this month still.

I’m not sure about Desperation and The Amber Spyglass. Both will get another chance, but if I don’t feel it that’s it.

I don’t really want to buy any more books until my TBR is at 5 again.


  1. Best of luck getting the TBR to what you consider manageable! My TBR of books I actually own is… a LOT higher than that. I think it’s at ~190 right now. To each their own, though! I have a different problem than you, I don’t like the feeling that I might have nothing new to read. 🙂

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