Reading the Wheel of Time (Part 8)

Chapter 35 & 36

Rand & Mat arrive in Caemlyn. They find an Inn. Mat is suspicious of everyone. Rand tries to stay positive. Mat is broody.

Be a Rand, not a Mat.

Rand meets Loial the Ogier who has very valuable knowledge that might come in HANDY at some point in the future. Loial is pretty old even though he doesn’t look it and very chill. He likes books and I like him.

Chapter 37 & 38

Back with Nynaeve, Lan & Moiraine who are getting ready to rescue Perrin & Egwene from the Whitecloaks. Byar who has been mean so far had a change of heart and now thinks it’s more convenient if Perrin & Egwene escape. Wtf, couldn’t this have happened earlier?

Anyways.. it doesn’t really matter, as they are rescued that very moment. Lan just walks into the tent & grabs them. Sure, there’s a distraction, but that was pretty easy^^

Moiraine: *talks*

Nynaeve: *fart noises*

Lan: *heart eyes*


Nynaeve: *grabs Perrin* Hm. How odd. Very odd.

Moiraine: UGH *grabs Perrin as well* yuck! …Um, yeah, pretty weird.. Ah well, I’m sure the Wheel will figure this one out, hee..

Nynaeve: Do you think he’ll die? Or is he touched by the Dark Lord now? Can you make his eyes normal again?



Chapter 39

Mat: *is racist*


Don’t be Mat. Be Rand. Go outside and have a look at Logain. Move the story forward.


Comparing Lan to a wolf: I

Comparing Lan’s face to a stone/rock: I


  1. Be a Rand, not a Matt. Oh, I love that meme. Do you have photoshop skills? If you do, you should make that a picture meme.

    I love telling other people the work I think they should do because I’m too lazy to do it myself πŸ˜€

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  2. You may not know this, living in the future, but today (Jan. 15) is the 30th anniversary of the original publication of The Eye of the World. I am about to grab my copy and head upstairs and FINALLY start my reread.

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      1. Yeah, I would blow through them in a week or two then force myself to wait for a new month to start the next one. I can’t imagine reading WoT a chapter or two at a time like I do other books. I have to consume it in great gulps. If I didn’t pace myself I would never get anything else read.

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