Top Ten Tuesday: Random Fantasy Book Names


I’m doing a lazy one, but this is so much fun! I found a Fantasy book name generator here and spent way too much time with it! Here is a collection of titles:

Dragon with a Goal

I would read it. No matter what it’s about. Can it be about a Dragon going to a Dragon school and learning how to do Dragon things? Cause that would be cool!

Officers and Rogues

That… doesn’t sound like a Fantasy novel. Maybe a paranormal romance Fantasy novel. Or maybe I’m thinking of An Officer and a Gentleman.

Mouse of Shadows

❤ ❤ ❤ Like a mouse assassin? THAT IS TOO ADORABLE!

Avoiding the Castle

Really? In a Fantasy novel? That’s no fun at all!

Blood at the End

Don’t give away the ending! Boooo!

Ogres without Shame

…..NO WAY that is going to be a Fantasy novel… make up your own mind… or maybe not 😉

Children of the Light


Butterfly of Power

Guys.. that could be a hit. Bow down to the almighty BUTTERFLY OF POWER!

Choking in the Graveyard


Admiring the End

This is definitely not a Stephen King novel 😛


  1. If you like the ideas conjured up by Mouse of the Shadows, check out the blurb for ‘The Builders’ by Daniel Polanski.

    All I’ll say is hyper-violent animals. It has a mouse and it also has a heavy weapon-wielding badger.

    200 pages of pure fun 🙂

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  2. LOL, this is perfect!
    And I love how Mr. Jordan posthumously creeps into almost every post you write 😉 The Haunting Spectre of Mr Jordan meets Mouse of Shadows 😀

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  3. Great stuff! I laughed so hard at your Children of the Light entry 😀

    On a side note, and I think I’ve asked this before, how do you like being a dotcom hosted by Any differences from the free pages?

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      1. If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you pay per year and how much storage space do you get? I’m already 15% into my free 3 gigs and I’ve only been doing this for 3 years 🙂

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