Books, Dogs & Gardening #9

As I’m preparing this post I’m sitting inside on the couch being VERY happy about the heavy rain outside! We’ve had freak temperatures and I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrible bush fires especially in NSW.

It’s a bit of a relief now, but the worst & hottest month is still to come. Pray for us and our wildlife! And god bless the firefighters!

Good news now: I enjoy reading a lot at the moment! My lovely app tells me that there was only one day in January I didn’t read anything and so far I’ve read 548 pages, yay!

I spontaneously joined in on a twitter Read Along of Daggerspell by Katherine Kerr and even though I was the slowest reader, I enjoyed it a lot! It’s fun to chat about it and it’s fun to post updates along the way. I will do this again for sure in the future! Here is my Thread, in case you’re interested. I finished it and am still on track for 1 book a week^^


I’m also up to 68% of The Eye of the World. Gotta finish it this month, yes?

I want to try and read at least one big book for my Challenge as well, it’s probably going to be Blood of Empire by Brian McClellan or The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot. I don’t really know anything about the 2nd. It was a Christmas present.

Here are some pics of food:

A random cat that looks like a cow^^


Wilma demanding attention


And two adorable handmade Wrestling dolls I bought ❤



  1. Best of luck in whichever book you decide on. Personally, I’d go with the McClellan one, as Eliot’s writing never clicked with me. She was always to negative in my opinion. I consider her the precursor to such authors as Maugham :-/

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      1. Eh, tell her it was a complete tosser and that Lord Bookstooge said it was trash, abominable trash and that he will take it up personally with her for even thinking of spreading the cancer!

        hahahahahaa, can you imagine actually saying that? I’d die laughing…

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      2. I know the feeling. I highly recommend the synopsis route. I liked one of Eliot’s other books but it was the only one. All her other stuff annoyed the daylights out of me.

        Way to be kind to the elderly 😉

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