Year 2019 Summary


This is the last time I will share a goodreads challenge. I won’t be active there next year. The only thing I miss will be the neat summary in the end of the year. Let’s hope bookly has a good one as well!

Screenshot_2020-01-03 Goodreads 2019 Year in Books

I did not do well at all. I planned to read 35 books and even thought I’d make it easily in the start of 2019. Nope. Only 21 books. Granted, they were all pretty long with an average of 424 pages, but I still would have liked to read more.

It was a pretty shitty year in general that had some highlights and ended on a high note. We moved house, got rid of some toxic people around us, we started to get used to life in the bush, we adopted Walter, Wilma, Eevee and 3 new chooks. We went on holiday only once. Worked tons. Extended our business.

There is still a lot of work to do and it looks like Mr. DZ will need a new car asap. We are prepared for the worst though 😀

At least I already finished one book at the 1st of January 2020! That’s a good start, isn’t it?

Happy Reading in 2020, everyone!


  1. This is funny, as I’m considering joining up at devilreads JUST for the year end stat pictures 😀

    I sure hope this year works out better for you than ’19. You seemed to get sucker punched all the time 😦

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  2. Funnily enough Bookly sent me an email out of the blue to try out their site, I havent had time to check it out yet. 21 books is still great concidering all the stuff you guys were doing and building and moving through. Hope you are all oke since I have been keeping a close eye on the fires… I am not mistaken in thinking you guys reside in Australia now am I ?

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    1. No, you’re right!

      It’s scary & horrible 😦 We are fortunately in Victoria, so very far away from the terrifying NSW fires…

      We do have bigger ones about 1h20 away though…. It rained the last two days and now everything is extremely smokey. Even in Melbourne. Haven’t seen the sky in 2 days.

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