Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to read for the ‘Go Big or Go Home Challenge’


Here is my post on the challenge, in case you want to read up.

The page numbers are taken from amazon, so I hope they are right. Everything is supposed to be over 500.

Blood of Empire / Brian McClellan –> 672 pages

blood of empire

I’m glad now I waited with this! Will probably be one of my first reads in 2020.

Cibola Burn / James S.A. Corey –> 591 pages

cibola burn

Nemesis Games / James S.A. Corey –> 536 pages

Nemesis Games

Babylon’s Ashes / James S.A. Corey –> 538 pages

babylons ashes

How nice that all the Expanse books have over 500 pages! I try to read the books only when we go on holiday, because there’s no chance I will pick a bad book. I am confident by now that ALL Expanse novels are awesome.

The Great Hunt / Robert Jordan –> 656 pages

the great hunt

Take a moment to really LOOK at this cover. It is glorious. Absolutely glorious! Rand about to give the performance of his life while Egwene watches in her nightgown. A trolloc in the distance doesn’t want to miss the show and who is this elf guy with the awesome boots?

The Dragon Reborn / Robert Jordan –> 624 pages

the dragon reborn

Or also known under a different name: The Art of Levitating Swords while Rambo Watches in the Corner.

Stormlight Archive 4 / Brandon Sanderson –> probably close to 1000

There is no chance in hell this will have under 500 pages. I am tempted to count it as TWO books πŸ˜€

The Heart of Myrial / Maggie Furey –> 512 pages


Old-school and dragons. On my wishlist for ages! I only came across it again because I was specifically looking for bigger books. I will read it eventually. Never lost interest, but it was also never priority.

Under the Dome / Stephen King –> 1047 pages


Over 1000 pages! I am not sure if I get to it, as other King’s have priority, but they are all shorter if I remember correctly.

The Thousand Names / Django Wexler –> 513 pages

the thousand names

New flintlock fantasy after I’m done with the McClellan. Please be just as good!

You got any recommendations for big & awesome Fantasy or SciFi novels I need to know about? Tell me, please!


  1. Those are all huge tomes!

    My favorite long fantasy novel this year was Seanan McGuire’s Middlegame. It’s more of a contemporary fantasy, not quite urban fantasy, and while it doesn’t work for everyone it really worked for me. It’s 528 pages, so it would count for this challenge if you were interested. (But this list has a lot of huge books, so I’m not sure how many other books you’ll have time for!)

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      1. You’re welcome! McGuire mostly writes urban fantasy, so the novels are usually in the 300-400 page range. (And sometimes they have short stories added to the end as extras.) But Middlegame is the first of its kind from her, and it’s some of her best if you enjoy the narrative style. (It’s definitely on the confusing side at the beginning until you figure out what’s going on.)


  2. I think Mr Elf Ears is supposed to be Loial the Ogier. Not exactly what I pictured, that is for sure. Darryl Sweet might have made some great covers but sometimes I think he wasn’t given good directions :-/

    I believe most of Charles Dickens’ works are over 500 pages πŸ˜‰

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      1. Yep, Loial turns up when Matt and Rand get to some big city, I can’t remember which one. Andor, perhaps?

        And if you read a big Dickens, it can count for a classic AND a big book. A two for one!
        (of course, his books are big enough to count for 2 books anyway….hahahahaha)

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  3. I decided my first Dickens should be the 1000+ page Bleak House.

    I too need to read that last book in McClellan’s second powder mage trilogy.

    I read Wexler’s first book and very much enjoyed it, but I didn’t continue with the series. I need to pick it back up at some point.

    I also need to start a reread of The Wheel of Time this year. Sounds like I am going to keep busy!

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  4. Stormlight 4 is supposed to be published in Nov 2020. Read it on Twitter yesterday. Still need to read the second (German) book for Stormlight 3.
    I would like to be part of a reading challenge in 2020 but I don’t have many big books in my TBR and I know that I suck in challenges. I’m just interested in how you will do ^^

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  5. Ha I love that The Expanse is all over 500 pages and yet they do tend to read fast once you get going. πŸ˜€ I still need to have a go at McClellan but I’ve also heard great things about The Thousand Names

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