Books, Dogs & Gardening #8

Woohoo, I finished another book! This one was Starsight by Brandon Sanderson.


I liked it a lot and will probably give it 4.5 Stars in my review. It as awesome as book 1, but it came pretty close and my expectations were really high. I did not like the ending though!

I also read some Wheel of Time as is tradition! Sorry there was no summary post this week, the chapters didn’t give me enough and the Children of the Light turned up, which made reading harder. Now I’m in a better chapter again and it’s more fun. There will definitely be a new post next week!

I got so many shiny new books and am not sure which one to start first. They are all pretty awesome and I just started like 3 of them at the same time and see what I stick with. At the moment I am still jumping around! I have a book haul post planned and will share all the new novels with you soon!

Here is my weekly reading summary and it has the same issue as last time unfortunately… I might try to delete and reinstall the app, maybe that will help?

summary week 3

I didn’t read The Collapsing Empire at all 😦 Apart from that I am happy with what I achieved this week, considering I was working almost every day. It’s half of what I read the week before, but I finished a book again and had fun!

Now I just wish every feature of the app was working properly…

I haven’t done lots of gardening, just a lot of eating the last days. I feel like I gained way too much weight, so it’s back on a diet today!

Oh and also, I’m in love with The Witcher.


Not with the show so much, the timeline is confusing me and I read the first 2 books. But the actual Witcher. Damn he’s HOT AF! I can watch him all day, I don’t care. Just ride your horse around town and do some more slow-motion fighting, I love it! I hope there will be many more seasons coming!!

That’s it from me, have a lovely week and a happy New Year 2020!


  1. LOL! IKR the Witcher!! The first couple episodes confused me but I kept watching because of Henry Cavill. The dude shook me. The Witcher is haaawwwtt! Lol!
    I think the timeline and plot gets better as the show goes along (and I realized it’s two different timelines). I’m hoping the second season will be loads better and less choppy.

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  2. Not having read the books, nor played the game, I had to search some info on the web to try and understand what was going on, but once I learned that there are multiple time-lines, everything became a little more understandable… I will reserve judgement until I’ve seen the whole season… πŸ€” 😊

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  3. Still have to try Bookly. And I feel the same regarding The Witcher. Although I wasn’t into the books at all. (Tried the first collection and felt bored af)
    My gf got me Starsight for Christmas, so it’s time to read Skyward next.

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  4. I read all the Witcher books, and I still found the first ep confusing lol! It’s the weird time jumps they do without really telling you when they’re doing it, I think. But yes, Cavill is PERFECT for Geralt…he’s got the look, the voice, the everything.

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