Books, Dogs & Gardening #7

I finished a book this week and read a lot for my standards.

Summary week 2

This is my weekly summary, thanks to bookly. I read for over 10h and managed 523 pages. I wish they would show the actual books I read as well! It was 3 of which I finished 1. The ‘fastest pace’ and ‘slowest pace’ sections are broken, obviously. 24.788 pages per hour would be something, eh? I also finished the book back in November and haven’t touched ‘Twelve Kings’ in weeks. Fix this please, bookly!

The books I read last week were Starsight by Brandon Sanderson (61%) and The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (52%).

Here is the one I finished – something completely different and in German for a change! It’s called Ich bin nicht suess, ich hab nur Zucker and was is written by Renate Bergmann. Renate Bergamann is the pen name of author Torsten Rohde^^ She is a 82 year old lady living in Berlin and it is absolutely hilarious to read about her & her quirky life. I will return for more. The books are all very short and there’s a lot of them!

Ich bin nicht suess, ich hab nur Zucker

I also got the last of the Christmas presents and am happy I don’t have to go to the shops anymore. Mr. DZ & I got a new fridge, new garden furniture and a new vacuum cleaner, Merry Christmas to us!! 😀

Walter had his first birthday! He got a (meat)cake and was one happy boy!


Here are some more impressions from last week


Have a lovely Christmas week!



  1. Well, Bookly really seems to be working out well for you. That is great that you have found a tool that helps and isn’t an anchor on you.

    Apple pie flavored “juice”? Is it apple juice with cinnamon put in it or something?

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