Reading the Wheel of Time (Part 6)

Chapter 24

Mat: *dyes his hair black*

Mat: * starts using black eye-liner*

Rand: Um. Mat? What happened..? You ok..?

Mat: THIS IS WHO I AM, RAND! *plays with knife*

Mat: *gloomy* All my friends are dead.

(to be honest, this chapter was a pain to get through. I just don’t enjoy reading about Mat at all. I don’t like it when he’s a naive, silly boy but he is even worse as a knife-emo)

Chapter 25

Aram: Hello Egwene. I will woo you with poetry.

Perrin: Hello, call me Mr. Cock-Block

Aram: You are beautiful, Egwene! I –


Perrin: I wish Rand was hereΒ  and could help me deal with women. He has a way with them!

Rand in the distance: *watches some lady braid her hair*

Rand: *thinks about Egwene braiding her hair*

Rand: *counts brush strokes*


Chapter 26

Thom: Flee! You fools…


Chapter 27

Perrin: So why do we have to stay here, Elyas? When it would make more sense to leave?

Elyas: Shut up! The author has some event planned, but we gotta stretch it out with a long travelling sequence. How else are we gonna fill those 700+ pages?! Eat your pie and watch the kids play, will ya?

Whitecloaks in the distance: Hey! We know how to fill the pages! We have ideas!


Chapter 28

Lan’s face is stony, Moiraine is mysterious and Nynaeve is angry. Nothing new, folks! Keep on moving!





    1. Hahaha, it is a bit hard to read at the moment, I have to admit! But I remember a couple interesting things coming up, so I keep going!

      Hey, if it wasn’t for you guys reading & commenting I wouldn’t post those, so thank you πŸ˜€

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  1. Man, is Matt REALLY that bad? It’s been long enough since I’ve read these that a lot of those details have faded. Probably for good reason!

    I do remember when the White Cloaks were introduced how cool I thought they were going to be. Then to be introduced to the scumbags who they are actually are, well, that was a real let down. I had imagined an Order of White Knights, saving all and dispensing true justice. so yeah, bullies and the spanish inquisition didn’t quite live up to that ideal 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is the most frustrating, even worse than Nynaeve for me. I just can’t stand the whole gloomy, grumpy teenage boy shtick. And before than he was naive, stupid teenage boy, which is also annoying πŸ˜€

      I’m scared of reading about the Whitecloaks.. I don’t remember a lot of details, but I do remember being bored during their chapters. So. I don’t like skipping pages/chapters…but.. do you think I could without missing too much? πŸ˜€

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