Turtle Recall Reading Challenge


This challenge was brought to life by Annemieke from A Dance With Books and you can read everything about it here!

The goal is simple – to read & enjoy the brilliant Discworld novels & companion books! Read as many as you want and reach different levels.

I am realistic and will aim for level 1 😀

level-1The Counterweight Continent –> Read 1-5 books

I’ve been re-reading the Discworld since Sir Terry Pratchett passed away a couple of years ago. Last year I did not finish one single novel set in the Discworld and that makes me sad! So this challenge is great motivation to get back to it!

I plan to read at least 3 Discworld novels next year.

Moving Pictures

Reaper Man

Witches Abroad

I remember that I loved Witches Abroad, so am really looking forward to it!!




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