All the Series I’m reading: Update #2

My last update is over a year old (click), so let’s see how I’m doing!


Series finished in 2019: 1 (Nevernight Trilogy by Katherine Arden)


Uh, that is not very good! Only one series finished this year, whoops! It was a good one altogether, even though I thought book 3 was the weakest!

Series dropped: 1 (Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty)


I was already on the edge here. I planned to read it this year but the fact that it kinda hints at a love triangle pisses me off. And I never liked the Ali character, so I dropped it for now. Sad, cause I really liked the setting and the female lead character. And Dara^^


Number of series I caught up with in October 2017: 9

Number of series I caught up with in October 2018: 14


Number of series I caught up with in December 2019: 12

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire / George R. R. Martin – waiting for book 5, The Winds of Winter (when the sun sets in the east and rises in the west)
  2. Kingkiller Chronicle / Patrick Rothfuss – waiting for book 3, Doors of Stone (hahaha)
  3. Gentleman Bastard Sequence – waiting for book 4, The Thorn of Emberlain (no)
  4. The Hollow Gods / Rebecca Levene – waiting for book 3, The Sun’s Domain (next year?)
  5. The War of the Gods / Jennifer Fallon – waiting for book 3, Covenant (who knows)
  6. Worldbreaker Saga / Kameron Hurley – waiting for book 3, The Broken Heavens (14.01.2020)
  7. The Tarot Sequence / K.D. Edwards – waiting for book 2, The Hanged Man (17.12.2019)
  8. Stormlight Archive / Brandon Sanderson – waiting for book 4 (late 2020?)
  9. The Rithmatist Series / Brandon Sanderson – waiting for book 2, The Aztlanian (sooner than later)
  10. Mistborn Series / Brandon Sanderson – waiting for book 7, The Lost Metal (2020/2021?)
  11. Black Wolves Series / Kate Elliott – waiting for book 2, Dead Empire (???)
  12. The Poppy War / R.F. Kuang – waiting for book 3 (???)


Series I was re-reading in October 2017: 5

Series I was re-reading in October 2018: 2

Series I am re-reading in December 2019: 2

I’m still re-reading the whole Discworld (up to book 10, Moving Pictures) and started on a Re-Read on everything by Robin Hobb. Next in line will be Royal Assassin!

Series I need to catch up with in October 2017: 9

Series I need to catch up with in October 2019: 4

Series I need to catch up with in December 2019: 12

  1. Sevenwaters Series / Juliet Marillier – up to book 5/6, Seer of Sevenwaters
  2. Gods of Blood and Powder / Brian McClellan – up to book 3/3, Blood of Empire
  3. Skyward Series / Brandon Sanderson – up to book 2/?, Starsight
  4. Watch / Sergey Lukyanenko – up to book 5/6, New Watch
  5. Enchanted Forest / Patricia C. Wrede – up to book 3/4, Calling on Dragons
  6. Sword of Shadows / J.V. Jones – re-reading book 1/5, A Cavern of Black Ice
  7. The Masquerade / Seth Dickinson – up to book 2/?, The Monster Baru Cormorant
  8. Β The Expanse / James S.A. Corey – up to book 4/?, Cibola Burn
  9. 1Q84 / Haruki Murakami – up to book 3/3, Part 3 πŸ˜€
  10. His Dark Materials / Philip Pullman – up to book 3/3, The Amber Spyglass
  11. The Winnowing Flame / Jen Williams – up to book 2/3, The Bitter Twins
  12. The Wheel of Time / Robert Jordan – still reading book 1/14, The Eye of the World

Gosh, that is a LOT more than last year! Everything marked pink is what I’m on the edge about. I am not sure yet whether I want to drop them or not. I’m halfway through The Amber Spyglass for example and it just annoys me at that point? Why do we need all those new perspectives to start it off? I will make up my mind next year – if I don’t pick any of those up, that’ll probably be it.


  1. I say be ruthless and cut, cut, cut! Especially that Pullman fellow πŸ˜‰

    Glad the Watch series by Lukyanenko isn’t in doubt. I wish I could find more translated stuff by him (or stuff at all. Even finding out info is tough)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOAH. I was curious and looked up his bibliography in German and there are 3(!!) more Watch books after the 6th? Called The New Adventures of the Watch?

      He also wrote a book about a virtual reality adventure, 2 science fiction novels, started a series about a magician’s apprentice and has a couple other stand alones, as far as I can see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohhhh, MORE Watch books? Well, I guess I better start looking around!

        Stay away from the Virtual reality adventure one. I read it and it was atrocious! I think it was his first book but the translator didn’t do it any favors either. And yet I still gave it 3 stars πŸ˜€

        Well, I’m off to research the New Watch stuff. Thanks, I had NO idea there were more. Of course, we’ll see if any of them are in english :-/


  2. I looooved the first 4 Watch novels! But at this point I am not sure whether I want to re-read the whole thing.

    I read the German translations. He’s pretty popular in Germany and lots of his other works are translated. I was never too interested in anything else though.


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