Reading the Wheel of Time (Part 5)

Chapter 19

Mordeth: Hey kids! I have candy! Jump into my van over there!

Mat: Yay! I will totally do that, haha!

Moiraine & Lan: Don’t talk to strangers!

Mat: Hey, stranger! Sure, I follow you into this dark cave. And oh, we’re going to Tar Valon, by the way! Haha!

Moiraine: Trollocs won’t come in here, no worries!

Narrator: Aaaaand there were Trollocs.

Moiraine: Actually. Kids. I meant we’re okay within that magic circle I didn’t tell you about before I let you roam around. Outside of it there’s an evil ghost-monster called Mordeth who will try to eat your soul and wear your skin. And don’t take any candy from him!

Mat: ……

Moiraine: You might all have died!

Nynaeve: Is Lan ok though…?

Chapter 20

Moiraine: Don’t touch that fog, kids! It’s evil and you will die, ‘kay? Let’s meet up at the river, see ya! Avoid everything that can kill you, bye!

Rand, Mat, Perrin & Egwene: *surrounded by Trollocs, Fades, evil mist and monsters* …..

Chapter 21

Lan’s stony face: 2

Moiraine says something

Nynaeve: *unreasonable, sassy, arrogant, childish, hostile*

Lan: my, what a personality *falls in love a little*

Chapter 22 & 23

Perrin: You ride Bela!

Egwene: No you!

Bela: ….why don’t you both walk, hey?


  1. Man, I don’t know how I’m going to deal with Matt when I start my re-read in January. He amused me the first time but at some point I can see that amusement turning into disgust 😦

    And chapter 20 was fantastic.

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    1. I have a solution 😉 Here we have the essence of the WoT, no need to re-read the actual novels 🙂 From what I remember, nothing of essence is omitted…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ha! Nothing of essence except the epic fantasy side of things.

        That’s why people still read this. Actually, I have no idea how popular WoT still is. I’m guessing the tv show will breathe some additional life into the books?

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