Top Ten Tueday: Books on my Summer TBR


It’s a freebie topic so I’m doing the one from next week early, as the new season already started! Here is what I want to read this Summer:

Blood of Empire / Brian McClellan

blood of empire

Most of the new releases I was waiting for came out towards the end of this year, so I have a couple lined up that I would have otherwise read asap. This is one of them. I can’t wait to finish the trilogy. I’m sure it’ll make me cry!!

Cibola Burn / James S.A. Corey

cibola burn

Precious! I was tempted to add all the other books as well.. but let’s see!

Starsight / Brandon Sanderson


There’s a good chance I will have started already when this post is published (it’s scheduled^^). Might be my most anticipated read this year!!

The Hanged Man / K.D. Edwards


Another sequel I am really, REALLY looking forward to! Might read it this month still. Especially if it’s not very long.

Calling on Dragons / Patricia C. Wrede


Another short one and I am almost sure I will enjoy it!

Saga Vol. 8 / Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples


I forgot I wasn’t caught up with it yet!!

Moving Pictures / Terry Pratchett

moving pictures

IF I feel like reading a Pratchett this will be the one. I haven’t lately but you never know when you need some Discworld in your life! Might be tomorrow?

The Eye of the World / Robert Jordan


Halfway through! Whoop whoop! I’m binging it quite a lot lately so maybe I even get to start the 2nd…? Let’s not get too optimistic though πŸ˜€

Seer of Sevenwaters / Juliet Marillier


….I started listening to the audiobook in January!! Gotta finish it, I’m almost there!

The Amber Spyglass / Philip Pullman

amber spyglass

Last chance!! If I don’t like it when I pick it up again it’ll end up on my dnf-list!

Apart from Eye of the World, those are all sequels and even 2 conclusions! I feel like it’s getting out of hand and I gotta finish a couple series/trilogies before I start on new ones.


  1. Discworld is good for any day. πŸ™‚ I recently read the first expanse book and am slooowly working my way on the second. The starts are just a little on the slow slide in grabbing me and then it takes me longer to pick it back up and yet once I get going into the story I read through it quickly.

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    1. I just signed up for your Discworld challenge!! Very excited πŸ™‚ And I think I do your other challenge as well, yay! You got the best ideas ❀

      I had that with book 3! Start was a little slow, but I quickly fell in love again & sped through it! I read book 2 on holiday and loved every second. The chill atmosphere probably helped!

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  2. Ooh, what a great list! If you read Cibola Burn, maybe that’ll inspire me to read it too. πŸ™‚ I love the Patricia Wrede books — such fun. Can you believe it — I’ve never read any Discworld books. Every time I think about it, I feel overwhelmed by how many there are, but maybe I just need to jump in.Saga is so great. Can’t wait for more. And as for The Amber Spyglass — I didn’t love it the first time I read it, but when I reread the series again later, it felt a little better to me. Enjoy your reading!

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    1. The good thing about the Discworld is that you can start almost anywhere and all books are kinda stand alones. No open endings. They are all loosely connected & it’s probably more fun to read them chronologically, but you CAN just jump in in the middle and still understand everything

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      1. I started with ‘The Colour of Magic; which is the first one chronologically and loved it! I hear it’s also good to start with either ‘Guards! Guards!’ or ‘Mort’. I’d recommend one of the earlier ones, definitely.


  3. I hope you enjoy these books, and good luck on finishing a series or two! I never got to The Amber Spyglass. I DNF’ed The Subtle Knife and have never gone back to the series. Good luck with it if you decide to finish it, but I for one wouldn’t blame you for the DNF!

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