Books, Dogs & Gardening #6

I finished Abaddon’s Gate by S.A. Corey last week and also started Starsight by Brandon Sanderson. Read a couple chapters of The Eye of the World as well, so I’d consider it a good week for reading 🙂

My veg garden is doing …meh. It’s too inconsistent. We get 37 degree days as well as 9. We got storm and hail and bushfires all within a week. Crazy. We got the hottest day in November ever and the coldest in December ever. Weather has been nuts and it’s only getting worse.

Anyways, at least my strawberries & pineberries are almost ready to pick! Apples are growing well and so are my herbs and tomatoes.

Walter has an ear infection at the moment and has to get ear drops twice a day. He doesn’t like it! But apart from that the doggies are doing well! So are cats, bunny rabbits and chickens!

I’m still watching a whole lot of wrestling. Taking a break from NJPW at the moment, as this is their slowest period of the year anyways. Just before Wrestle Kingdom in the start of January.

I’ve become obsessed with the Lucha Brothers though (especially Pentagon Jr!) and started watching more Mexican wrestling. Lucha libre is cool. They have clowns.

If you don’t like clowns, close this right now! If you don’t mind clowns, have a look please:

This is Pagano


This is Psycho Clown

psycho clown

Monster Clown

monster clown

Murder Clown

Murder clown

and Dave the Clown

dave the clown

Yes, Dave the Clown. I’m not making this up, I promise! Lucha libre is wild!

They also got El Hijo del Vikingo who is absolutely fantastic and will become a big, big star soon!

el hijo del vikingo

And here are my favourites – Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix, the Lucha Brothers!  ❤ I even met them this year! They are super nice!!

lucha bros

Wrestling is awesome at the moment! Is anyone here watching ‘AEW/ All Elite Wrestling’ at all? It’s a great alternative to WWE, if you’re tired, bored & frustrated with them, like me!

To end this post, here’s some pretty food^^



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