The Expanse & please recommend me SciFi!

I always wanted to read more SciFi but Fantasy was always priority. This might shift now – slowly! While Fantasy will probably always remain my favourite genre, I finally found a way into SciFi!  – The Expanse!

This series is the BEST thing I read this year and I’ve read some good books! I just finished book 3, Abaddon’s Gate and it was another hit. It’s absolutely binge-worthy and I’m already trying to slow down so I can enjoy it for a long time! I could read on an on until I’m done right now, but I fear a slump waiting after. So. An Expanse novel a month or every 2nd it shall be!

I love the fact that the world is so well thought through. Humans moved to different planets and the biggest civilizations now are on Earth, Mars and the Belt. Belters are living in lower gravity and therefore their physique is slightly different. There’s lots of tension between all of those and racism is a big problem as well, just as in our world.

Politics are biiiig, but it is so engaging and never boring, you are glued to the pages! There is a lot of variety, alien threats, war between planets, space travel and action!

The best thing about the series though is the cast of characters. Absolutely everyone is so freaking real and it is just fantastic how you fall in love with every character, not only the main ones.

I’m eating it all up, I want to know more about every single one of them, may it be Jim Holden and his crew, especially Amos! The badass politician Chrisjen Avasarala, the priest Anna, detective Miller or even Fred Johnson or Anna’s rich friend Tilly, who was a delight to read about!

There’s just the right amount of drama & the authors always come up with something new and even better.

I bought book 4 already and cannot wait to start. Maybe I will give in and just read until I’m done.

So. A question for everyone who loves The Expanse and is into SciFi.

Is there anything similar out there you could recommend? This is the first Space Opera I’m reading and I feel like I will need more of it soon!



  1. Yay another one on the Expanse train! I love this series so hard, I don’t even have the words. The bad news is, I don’t think there’s anything current right now that even comes close to it in terms of caliber. At 8 books now, this series is really in a league of its own. However, one sci-fi series I have been really enjoying the last couple years is the Donovan series by W. Michael Gear. I love all three books that are out so far and I think it has huge potential. A fourth book is coming out soon, but give the first book Outpost a try and see what you think!

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  2. – The Culture novels by Ian M. Banks, maybe start with The Player of Games.
    – Dune, obviously.
    – Anathem by Stephenson, not really space opera (it’s pretty dense) but it also has fantasy elements that might appeal to you
    – The Revelation Space trilogy by Alastair Reynolds

    Also, The Long Price quartet by Daniel Abraham, one half of James SA Corey, is a fantasy series you really have to check out, imo much better than The Expanse itself.

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  3. Thanks! I will check them all out! Apart from Dune^^ I read that and even though I loved the world and idea, I thought it was too dry and I didn’t want any more.
    I couldn’t get into Abraham’s Long Price Quartet when I tried it, but that was a while ago. Maybe I gotta try it again. I mean, taste changes^^

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  4. I loved the Murderbot-Diaries, well the parts 1 and 2 I read already – these are novellas though
    How about John Scalzi, perhaps “Old man’s war” or “The collapsing Empire” – I didn’t read these but liked some short stories and “Locked In” (a thriller in the near future; I liked Tom Hillenbrands “Hologrammatica” and “Drohnenland” better though) and I’m thinking about reading his “Fuzy nation”.

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  5. And we have another Expanse fan! Welcome to the club!!!! 🤗
    For me this is THE space opera series that defines the genre, but I can heartily second the recommendations from the previous posters, especially Mogsy’s advice to try Michael W. Gear’s Donovan series. Happy reading!

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  6. I love these books too! I’ve read the first three as well, and now that season 4 of the TV series has dropped, I think I’m going to binge that, then pick the books back up again. Are you watching the show? Really excellent. In terms of other sci-fi… I love the Old Man’s War series by John Scalzi. A series I haven’t read yet, but which has been recommended to me, is the Terra Ignota series by Ada Palmer.

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  7. I’m reading John Scalzi’s The Collapsing Empire right now and that’s frigging awesome so I second Natira’s recommendation. It’s maybe not going to be a long a series as the Expanse, but it’s got a lot of what you’ve said you enjoy about the Corey books.
    (I reeeaaallly have to get on and read the Expanse books – they sound so cool!)

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  8. Murderbot is quick and pleasant, though I’d mostly recommend Asher’s Polity series, imo better than Banks (or at least more entertaining, better written and equally thought-provoking ;)). Scalzi’s not bad either.


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