Do you know Bookly?

I recently got tired of goodreads. I never liked the layout and it’s kinda messy. So it was nice to see Annemieke mention bookly on twitter the other day 🙂 I got curious and checked it out. And hey, it’s a neat little app, that documents your progress just as goodreads!

It does it even better and once you finish a book it gives you really cool statistics! You can also set goals and win awards on the way^^

You can collect quotes or thoughts and of course rate your book once you’re done!

If you’re a little bit obsessed with your reading habits, just like myself, this might be something for you?

I’m loving it so far!



  1. I think my issue with bookly was that it was just an app. I need a full website to interact with. I am glad that it is working out for you and I trust it doesn’t degenerate like devilreads has over the years 😦

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  2. Got to admit that Goodreads needs a major 2020 visual and interface update… We only need a billionaire to suddenly see an interest in creating something better to challenge Goodreads for us to get exactly what we want though hahaha Maybe Bookly will get a website to challenge Goodreads. 😮 It does sound promising. Thanks for sharing!


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