End of the Year Update

Oh boy, this wasn’t it this year.

I’ve read only 18 books so far and if I’m lucky it’s gonna be 20 in the end. My aim was 35 but it never really looked like I could make it. Maybe after January but that’s it πŸ˜€

It’s okay though. We moved, adopted 2 dogs and there were a lot of changes in our life! It wasn’t an easy year and lots of shitty things happened.. Lots of good ones too though and especially now it looks like 2019 could end on a really high note!

Next year will be great, I know it πŸ˜€

Those are the books I’m reading right now and I do want to finish 2 of them this year still. No pressure^^


I KNEW I’d love it. Those books are like a drug, I can’t get enough of them! I’m already up to 66% so it shouldn’t be a problem.


This will always be slooooow progress. I’m up to 35% and don’t believe I will finish it this year. It’s one of the books I enjoy more when I space it out. Can’t have too much at the same time, but if I totally stay away I start missing it πŸ˜€

twelve kings

At 61%. I’ve been reading this for ages and my problem is that I can’t get into a rhythm. The jumping between past and present does NOT help here at all. Also the second perspective is boring af. This book is way too long. I can’t believe we took 60% to get where we are right now, which is basically where the story finally gets going. And it felt like exposition until now. I’m pretty sure I won’t read book 2 if this doesn’t start to get better.


Okay, I haven’t really started it yet, but it’s been auto-delivered to my Kindle, yay! Almost forgot I ordered it! I will start once I’m done with The Expanse, so hopefully this week!

I missed a couple anticipated releases, but they will be tackled in the new year and hopefully keep me from falling into a slump again.


  1. 18 books is still very good considering how hectic your year has been. And as long as they were good reads, I don’t see any problem.
    I want to read Starsight so bad, but am not getting it yet in case I get it for Christmas (I had 3 things on my wishlist so chances are good). And then I’ll prob wait even longer so I can take it on holiday with me in February (read the first one on holiday as well and it was perfect). Hope you enjoy it!!

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    1. Most of them actually were really good, so yay πŸ˜€

      Aw, to have such a good book with you on holidays makes it even better! I saved the 2nd Expanse for it this year and that was a good call!

      Now I have to binge the series though. Maybe I can space it out a little more so I can read one on my next holiday, whenever that may be πŸ˜€

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  2. I’m still glad that you were able to read that much despite all the life events you had to go through throughout the year. I do indeed hope 2020 will be much calmer for you! I need to check The Eye of the World next year, especially before the TV series is developed. I have been curious about Bradley Beaulieu’s books but it sounds like I could hold off on it for the time being based on your ongoing experience. Your adventure with Mr. Sanderson has me craving to read more of his stuff ASAP!

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  3. I felt the same about Twelve Kings. I slogged through most of it, and the ending was good and a bit more fast paced but it took foreeeeeever to get there. I’m not gonna read book two haha. But I hope you end up liking it more than I did!

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    1. I have no more motivation to read it right now πŸ˜€ It’s a shame, I feel like I have wasted my time with it! But I really can’t get myself to pick it up, I’d rather read The Wheel of Time and that’s saying something hahaha

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