Wheel still turning. Yup. (Part 2)

Chapter 4

Enter Gleeman

Gleeman: What a shitty little village. I want to go home. *tugs at mustache*


Gleeman to Rand: You are tall, ma boy!! So different to everyone else here! *hint nudge hint*


Egwene: ….. what Nynaeve said!


‘Lan looks like a wolf’ counter: 1

‘Thom Merillin plays with mustache’ counter: 2

‘Nynaeve acts snappy’ counter: 1


Tam: There is no reason for Aes Sedai to come here! No one will ever come to our shitty little village!

Moiraine strolls past.

Trollocs in the distance, hiding in Rand’s vegetable patch.


Mat: War sounds like fun! I’m a badass!


Perrin: Let’s find others who saw the Man in Black!

Roland Deschain: *holds up hand*

Perrin: ………


Chapter 5

*Knock knock*

Trolloc: Excuse me, do you have time to talk about our lord & saviour –

Tam: Sorry! No time, we’re making stew.



…….(to be honest, I quite enjoyed this chapter and the writing of the Trolloc attack! I was pretty much glued to the pages and the fact that Rand didn’t try to play hero at first and ran when Tam told him to run & hide, was refreshing! And he feels bad for being scared. 2 normal reactions. I do like Rand more than on my last read. He’s still an idiot around women, but apart from that I like that he’s calm and thinks things through.. so far!)


Chapter 6

Delirious Tam: Rand, you’re adopted.


Chapter 7

(the repercussions of the Trolloc attack. Rand is trying to find help for Tam and his best chance is Moiraine, the almighty Aes Sedai. He’s not sure, cause Aes Sedai have a bad reputation of being two-faced and also of being very responsible for the Breaking of the World. He doesn’t have other options though & approaches her.)


Chapter 8

Rand: I’m just a farmboy! Nothing ever happens to farmboys with ancient swords!

Moiraine: But you are the Chosen One! You are the main character, wtf did you expect?!


‘Lan’s angular face looks like a rock’ counter: 2


  1. Lol! You keep these going and I’ll def make it through the books this time.
    I liked that chap on the trolloc attack at Rand’s house too. My interest perked up then and when Rand had to carry Tam to the village.

    Liked by 1 person

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