Top Ten Tueday: Character traits I love


I’m late with this one, sorry!

I like characters who…

… are able to talk about their problems

… don’t feel sorry for themselves all the time

… are not whiny

… are not too sassy & arrogant

… suck at something

… have secrets & are mysterious^^

… are loners / don’t trust easily

… are a little sleazy 😀 (like Locke Lamora for example)

… are ambitious, brave & determined

… can do magic!

… don’t act like a fool towards the opposite sex

… are kind to animals!


  1. Preach it!

    That first one especially gets me in a book when characters WON’T communicate just to propel the plot. A lot of the times real people don’t talk about stuff, but most of us aren’t in an adventure story of some kind either!

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  2. You don’t like characters who learn to fight with a sword, shoot with a bow, ride a dragon and do magic all within a week? Not to mention they learn three new languages on the go 😀 *sarcasm off* – I’m especially with you when it comes to whiny, sassy, arrogant and not able to talk about stuff. I HATE these characters!


  3. LOL, I love the “suck at something” answer! It’s true, though — characters who are too good at everything are rarely any fun to read about. And those are the ones most likely to get into trouble for dumb reasons instead of legitimate reasons.


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