Reading The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood (Chapter 20 – 35)


This is the noise that baby dragons make when they are hungry. Isn’t it adorable?

If you like to read about people bonding with dragons and raising/training them and dragons actually being super clever and able to imitate human language, this book is for you and you should give it a try!

Even though most of the male characters are cowards, religious nutters or dumb brutes.

So Maia ended up with her own female baby dragon called Keirr and isn’t she the cutest? I’m a bigger fan of the dragons in this book than of the humans. I like Maia well enough but all of the others are a bit bland or super annoying. Jhem is probably the closest to a likeable minor character, but she’s not featured that often. Also, she should divorce Maia’s brother, as he treats her like shit! She asks him whether he trusts her and he said he doesn’t have a choice! Boo!

So basically, everyone is preparing for war against the Horrors and Harodhi and lots of people arrive at Maia’s home. Bellua is still a dick and now his buddy Addai is there. Someone apparently even worse.

Maia has to keep a low profile as Bellua is still suspicious of her. He wants to keep his world-view & the religious teachings of the Empire as well as Korruzon’s standing as the almighty intact. It doesn’t help that people have finally started to talk about another view, a kind of cycle, that repeats itself. So basically, it says that even Korruzon will pass and is not the redeemer, as preached by Bellua.

Soo…this is a big topic and it involves lots of talking & talking and exposition. It’s a bit boring and if not for the adorable dragons, I wouldn’t be able to read the book this quickly. After all the excitement & action of Maia rescuing her dragon qit, we are having a much quieter stretch now. I feel like it’s the calm before the storm though and the book will pick up again soon!


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